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Line of Business Track

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Introduction to ECM What is business content and why does it matter? This session starts with the basics and goes through the lifecycle of business content: how to capture it, protect it, integrate it, analyze it and engage with it for a superior customer experience, cost savings and regulatory compliance. The session will also review the spectrum of analytics capabilities that can be applied to business content to reveal hidden truths and insights. Finally, the session will detail how organizations are using IBM Business Content Solutions to become more customer-centric for accelerated growth.
Orchestrate Your Work - The Business Case for Case Management Today’s new generation of customer-centric organizations are putting business content to work by delivering it to the right person at the right time to increase customer engagement. At the forefront of a new generation of systems of engagement is advanced case management, which gives decision-makers a solution platform to assemble, analyze and act on business content. If you’re looking to upgrade customer service, accelerate investigations and speed up content-centric business processes, like mortgage processing, claims adjudication, health and human services, and contact center responsiveness, this is the session to attend.
Mobile ECM: Engage With Content at the Speed of Business What do you mean, it will have to wait until you get back to the office? That’s not going to cut it in the Mobile era. Demanding customers are demanding 24/7 customer service and access to their business content. Learn how to mobilize your content from document capture, case management, and access to content whenever and wherever you are. That’s how it’s done today. What are you waiting for?
Streamline Customer Communications for Superior Customer Service Today’s consumers expect immediate answers to enquiries and instant 24/7 access to information that has traditionally been delivered in printed format. They seek partnerships with organizations that embrace ecologically friendly delivery of statements, correspondence and billing information. IBM ECM has unique strategies to enable organizations to offer improved Customer Service and 24/7 Self Service access to statements, bills and correspondence in a variety of formats, including XML transactional documents - to quickly resolve inquiries. Finally, learn how analytics can further improve customer satisfaction and retention.
ECM and the Cloud: When, Why and How Secure cloud solutions from IBM ECM have the potential to offer both line of business and IT leaders with increased levels of flexibility that can be used to address new business opportunities such as file sync & share. In this session, find out about the 2015 ECM cloud roadmap and strategy, which brings new innovations to how your organization collaborates with business content as well as learn about content curation for IBM Watson. All attendees are eligible for a free trial of IBM’s content in the Cloud solution.
Document Capture at the Edge of the Enterprise Companies are moving document capture to the edge of the enterprise, where documents and data enter an organization. Find out how you can ensure you use all access points as secure on ramps into your ECM solutions while also creating a smart distributed capture solution that can deliver huge cost savings and benefits. It's time to move to the second wave of capture.
Information Governance Maturity: It’s About Steps Not Strides Information governance maturity takes discipline. Depending on the breadth and depth of the insight you have into your data, your organization can be at various stages of information governance maturity. To reach the confident level of information governance maturity is to truly have trust in your data. But it’s important to know that achieving that goal starts with taking a first step and not just jumping to the end point on your information governance roadmap.
Big Data, Bad Data, Good Data: the Link Between Information Governance and Big Data Outcomes As organizations expand their use cases for big data analytics and mature as data-driven organizations, striking the balance between disposal and preservation — between minimizing clutter and risk and optimizing the potential for business insight through big data analytics — becomes ever more important and requires a deep understanding of enterprise information. Come learn how IBM’s data assessment tools can curate data and enable your organization to maximize the value of unstructured information by putting it to work in big data analytics systems. Thorough assessment helps ensure that the unstructured information you leverage in your analytics project is relevant, complete, and trustworthy. As we all know, the outcome of a big data analytics projects will be only as good as the quality of the data being used.

IT Track

Title Abstract
The ECM Center of Excellence – Where Business and IT Meet Increasingly, enterprise IT and business leaders are collaborating in new Centers of Excellence to leverage shared services architectures and a new set of best practices that result in faster deployments, user training and more value to the organization. This session will feature IBM customers sharing best practices for designing and rolling out new solutions
Demystifying ECM Solutions with Case Manager Architecture is destiny. This is only one of the many secrets you will learn in this session focused on building ECM solutions with IBM Case Manager. You will receive both the tools and methodology that you need to know to build solutions to satisfy your customer's content-centric business needs
The Content Platform Evolution As the nature of business content shifts and evolves, how this content is managed must also evolve. This session is designed to provide insight to IT organizations on our approach to managing the new definitions of “business content,” including the increasing demand for solutions that efficiently store, retrieve and enable video, audio and social media. IBM’s ongoing investment includes new features in the FileNet P8 platform development for scalable, secure, consumable content management, as well as specialty solutions enabled by enhanced viewing technologies in Daeja and new partnerships for rich media. Join us to make sure you know the latest in this ongoing story.
Building and Maintaining a Hybrid Cloud Architecture On-Prem? Cloud? Hybrid? Cloud strategies can be frustrating and polarizing for business with the myriad of choices available. This session will walk through the concept of a hybrid cloud technology and the best architectural approaches for your IT organization for maximum security, easy access wherever and whenever business content is required, and yet with an eye to keeping costs under control. This is a rapidly developing area of interest for IT executives across all industries. Come and learn the best practices and avoid the pitfalls.
Second Generation Capture is Now (with Datacap 9.0) This session will answer the question, what’s new in Datacap 9.0? Witness new features such as full Content Navigator support, new application deployment accelerators, breakthrough mobile capture capabilities, new user interface experience and much more. From traditional centralized capture to solutions that drive desktop scanners in each department, multifunction devices in regional offices and branches, and mobile devices in the field: the new Datacap does all this and more. If you're stuck in First Generation Imaging, come see what your future looks like!
Need A Quick ROI? Clean Up Your Legacy Data You know it’s true: much of the data in an organization is redundant, obsolete or trivial—known as ROT. If your organization struggles with high volumes of legacy data with no processes or policies in place to manage its supply and demand; if you spend as much money to store data that should be archived as you spend on extracting relevant data, then you are likely storing data that has negative business value! And this subjects you to increased cost and legal risk. Join this session to find out how IBM StoredIQ can help your organization:
  • Find the data that matters
  • Get rid of old, obsolete data
  • Identify sensitive and toxic content
  • Ready your business processes for audit and discovery
Making the Most of CM8* Learn how new enhancements in IBM Content manager (CM8) and ECM solutions running on CM8 extend the value of your CM8 deployment. Learn what customers are doing with analytics, advanced case management, capture and other business content tools to solve some of the pressing problems faced by IT, Business and Finance stakeholders in today's rapidly changing enterprise
*Presented only in select cities
Hands On Lab Try the new Case Foundation with Case Manager Case Builder and Case UI! Learn how to build a case, launch a workflow and configure the Case client.
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  • Mark Eaton

    Mark Eaton, NBA All-Star with the Utah Jazz. See him in Atlanta, Austin, Columbus, Minneapolis, Toronto, and San Francisco. Read more (145KB)

  • Simon T. Bailey

    Simon T. Bailey, Author and leadership imagineer, former sales director for the world-renowned Disney Institute. See him in Chicago, New York, Washington, DC, and Seattle.

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