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LOB A Business Analysts guide to delivering solutions with IBM Case Manager For many Business Analysts tasked with providing case style solutions for their organization, the journey from need to have can be long and difficult. Come see how IBM Case Manager can provide you with the tools you need to get there faster and easier.
LOB Aligning People, Process and Policy for Better Outcomes in Public Sector (Washington, DC and Austin only) When you have employees making decisions on work around the proverbial “water cooler” you are losing knowledge and efficiency. Governments need to ensure that they provide equitable treatment to all case files/task regardless of program or service area. Budget pressure is also requiring governments to regain revenue, and improving operational efficiency is an area where governments can recover substantial revenue and service loss. Task or decision optimization is about converging people, process and policy together. IBM ECM provides these capabilities and strategies to help public sector organizations be more effective at managing case files and tasks. All of which will allow government workers to do more work in a shorter period of time.
IT Best Practices with IBM Content Manager Learn some of the techniques you can use to drive cost savings and improve availability in your Content Manager deployment through new features available in IBM Content Manager version 8.5. This session will also cover new capabilities that make it easier to integrate with external processes or non-CM applications.
IT Best Practices with IBM FileNet Content Manager and IBM Content Foundation This session will highlight the strengths of IBM FileNet Content Manager and IBM Content Foundation. These flagship ECM offerings continue their ongoing transformations, reaching beyond traditional content management to bring you the latest in mobile and social capabilities. Learn about new enhancements with these enterprise-class offerings with important new social content management features and how we've made them easier to install and use.
IT Bring the power of Analytics to your OnDemand solution with Datawatch Report Mining Server Datawatch RMS offers an analytics tool for CM OnDemand that brings all the power of analytics to your team, whether in IT looking for insight in your reports or for customer service call centers to quickly identify customer patterns while they are engaged in a customer inquiry
LOB Delivering Enterprise Value with Effective Records Management There are many methods and applications that end users have to create new information that needs to be stored by the enterprise: be it email, collaboration applications, word processing applications, PowerPoint, Excel, etc... But, what tools does the enterprise have to efficiently identify, sequester, classify, secure records, and retain information for the appropriate amount of time? When electronic information does not have a retention period applied to it, IT will end up keeping that data for ever and the impact to the business is unnecessary cost and risk.
LOB Delivering solutions with ECM in the Cloud The cloud is one of the most exciting developments to happen to IT since the internet. Learn how ECM and it's business partners are looking to the cloud to bring new solutions & capabilities to its buyers and users.
LOB Documents Now! – Mobile and Distributed Capture for Real Time Business Outcomes IBM has reinvented document capture with new solutions that extend Datacap from the mailroom to mobile. The sooner you can convert a document to an electronic image and extract the relevant data, the more cost you remove from the process and the faster you can deliver customer satisfaction. Learn how IBM's portfolio of advanced document imaging solutions can standardize multichannel inputs, turn smartphones into capture devices, accelerate case management with on-demand capture, and increase your competitiveness.
LOB Drive Better Business Outcomes with Case Management Harness the power and versatility of building solutions with Case Manager, now deployed with Content Navigator, and how it is being used to fight fraud across multiple industries. Learn how rules development is easier than ever and how your users can create truly dynamic tasks, and more.
IT & LOB ECM Roadmap & Strategy - What's new in ECM? Exciting new advances in IBM allow you to cast wider net, gain insight and understanding, and leverage information in context, while enabling transparency and brand trust. Join us to get insights on what's coming next and to see how we're redefining the user experience, creating deeper business relevance, driving agility in the new information supply chain, and transforming the delivery of business outcomes
IT Hands-On Lab: IBM Content Navigator - Delivering Content Everywhere IBM Content Navigator (ICN) is a collaborative and mobile content experience that enables businesses to deliver content everywhere with mobile and desktop application integration. Users are more mobile and flexible in their work habits than ever before, and ICN out-of-the-box enables business users to access their content and collaborate with their teams instantaneously, wherever they are. In this session, you will navigate and interact with the IBM ECM repository through the ICN mobile app running on an iPad.
IT Meeting the Needs of Your Business with IBM Case Manager. Defining, developing and deploying comprehensive case style solutions is a challenging task for any IT organization. Come see what's new with IBM Case Manager and how it can help you service your business better.
LOB Nine lines of business in every organization that can benefit from ECM Is ECM employed for one or only a few applications in your organization? Do you believe that ECM could be used more broadly in your organization? How have other organizations employed ECM to address enterprise business needs? This session will use notion of SPACE – suppliers, products, assets, customers and employees - and their associated lifecycles to explain how capabilities of the ECM portfolio can be used to improve efficiency and effectiveness for lines of business such as marketing, human resources, procurement, sales, customer service, finance, compliance, legal and operations. Many of examples will be based upon actual customer use cases. You will leave this session with a host of new ideas to extend the benefits of your current ECM platform to empower employees with information in order to create an engaged, agile organization.
LOB Optimizing Customer Self Service with High Performance Statement Presentment Best practices for providing customers with secure, reliable access to their own statements and bills in order to create the kind of business transparency that leads to deeper customer engagement.
LOB Public Sector and Enterprise Content Management: A perspective from IBM's Federal CTO (Washington, DC only) As federal agencies continue to improve interoperability and process automation the dynamics of the 3rd Platform (Cloud, Mobile and Analytics) as well as Social Media are changing the field. Enterprise Content Management a key aspect of an overall information management strategy needs to address the demands and opportunities of mobile, cloud and analytics. IBM's Federal CTO will provide observations and possible recommendations on how to move forward and reflect on examples and some best practices when aligning to a strategy for success.
LOB Reducing Cost and Risk in eDiscovery IBM's Information Lifecycle Governance portfolio helps companies lower cost and risk even as information volume and litigation are on the rise. The suite is comprised of solutions for Legal and IT stakeholders involved with scoping legal holds, identifying and preserving data, collecting and processing potential evidence and performing early case assessment. In the broader context, these solution can empower IT organizations to drastically reduce runrate costs by enabling defensible disposal.
IT Second Generation Archiving - Shining the Light on Dark Data The “Keep Everything” approach of early archive solutions has failed. Over retention leads to higher volumes, and higher volumes mean more IT spending and increased legal risk. IBM’s Value-based Archiving solutions take a different approach by archiving only content with value, legal duty or regulatory obligation, and disposing of unnecessary data to help reduce storage costs, lower infrastructure spending and improve backup performance.
LOB Smarter Counter Fraud: New Threats. New Thinking Fraudulent activity is rampant, and the brash sophistication of recent attacks—as well as the magnitude of damage—is making fraud and financial crimes a top priority. Consumers are concerned about their privacy and security; businesses are wrestling with financial losses as well as lasting brand damage. This session will introduce attendees to new thinking and capabilities that will help enterprises optimize technology and resources to combat fraud across your organization.
IT Stop Data Hoarding - Cleaning up your Legacy Data Today, most organization have a legacy data problem. Once data is created is often stored forever without regard to its value to the business costing organizations in time, efficiency and storage. By analyzing this information in-place and taking appropriate action within policy, organizations can better manage all their information and decrease the cost of storage and eDiscovery while reducing the security, regulatory and litigation risk inherent in unmanaged data.
LOB The Content Navigator Experience - Building Web, Social, and Mobile Content Solutions Mobile makes is possible to engage with content anywhere in the world. This transforms how and where people get work done. Learn how the ECM is delivering new solutions and experiences that give workers more freedom and convenience than ever before.
LOB Turning Business Information into Business Insight with Content Analytics Today, leading organizations have a vast quantity and variety of information coming from multiple stakeholders and sources, internal and external to the enterprise. Organizations need to rely on the power of analytics to leverage that information in making better decisions, taking faster actions and optimizing business outcomes. Significant customer insights are hidden in large volumes of unstructured and semi-structured content. Analytics solutions are designed to help organizations gain valuable insight into their customer's wants, needs and sentiment. Using real customer case studies from multiple industries, we will show you how your organization can achieve new insights and better outcomes.
IT What's new with Capture and Imaging? Come hear the latest and greatest on Datacap, PIE (production Imaging Edition) and Image Services. We will cover new capabilities in these products, show you a demo or two, and provide a sneak peak of what is coming next.
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