Employee Lifecycle

Managing employee information from “hire to retire”

Why IBM ECM for Employee Lifeycle Management

Employee Lifecycle Management

Efficiently manage the increasing number of documents and processes associated with employees throughout their employment lifecycle – from “hire to retire”

IBM® Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions help organizations worldwide meet the challenges associated with increasing complexity and volume of managing a wide range of documents and unstructured employee information. IBM ECM allows a human resources organization to address employee lifecycle management as an opportunity for operational and information quality improvement. An integrated platform for content management, business process management, and compliance helps:

Additionally, the same IBM ECM architecture that helps HR organizations more efficiently and accurately manage employee information can help HR organizations draft, review, revise, approve and publish corporate policies, procedures and communications.

Several IBM ECM Business Partners offer employee lifecycle management solutions that can help your organizations more efficiently and effectively manage HR policies, procedures and communications. Learn more about Human Resources solutions.

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