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The proliferation of content across a variety of sources can create enormous business challenges. As unstructured content grows exponentially, organizations need a flexible approach that supports interoperability with a wide array of popular systems and products. A robust enterprise content management repository (or content platform) should store a variety of content formats, facilitate read/write capabilities, control access, and include disaster recovery and life-cycle management. Content repositories are the key source for collaboration, ediscovery, email archiving, records retention, case management and more.

There are important features to look for in a content repository, including query and search, versioning, import/export and the ability to set retention schedules. For example, records retention management systems rely on a content repository’s ability to defensibly dispose of records and documents and protect an organization from potential legal action.

Content repositories are used by government, banking and financial services, healthcare, and many other industries. Complementary systems include document capture systems and document-imaging function; case management to manage the content used in customer interactions; analytics to mine content for business intelligence; social content management systems for collaboration, and information lifecycle governance for defensible disposal.

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