Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS)

Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) standard is a uniform means for applications to work with content repositories. IBM's participation in and support of the CMIS specification drives better interoperability between ECM products regardless of vendor and helps provide clients with more choice at lower costs when it comes to basic ECM needs.

The CMIS standard has opened new possibilities for business partners and systems integrators to easily and effectively integrate content management systems. CMIS delivers effective interoperability through content federation and integration.

In addition to supporting CMIS across its line of content repositories, IBM supports other CMIS compliant content repositories via its enterprise class client platform, IBM Content Navigator.

Featured products

Content Navigator is a web client that can connect to CMIS-enabled repositories.

Content Navigator also bundles the following non-chargeable CMIS components:

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Oasis CMIS Standards for Version 1.0 (PDF, 2.23MB) and Version 1.1 (PDF, 1.28MB).

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