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LanguageWare™: what is your data trying to tell you?

Team Lead: Jim Smith

Most businesses have a wealth of insight within their existing systems. They just don't know it. LanguageWare is a technology that can be leveraged to give IT organizations the ability to interpret unstructured data and to see correlations and relationships which may not be obvious or even well understood. It does this by allowing you to extract information and draw inferences from the use of natural language within your data--and even to tag and classify specific words/concepts that are meaningful to your business. The net result? Your business can parse, understand the context, and execute on insights LanguageWare can help reveal that is currently "hiding" in the data you have in your environment, today.

Business Value of LanguageWare

If LanguageWare can help you extract meaning out of your data, how might that be able to help your business solve real world challenges while also providing real business value? Take a look at the following examples of how deploying LanguageWare can provide an immediate return on your investment:

  • Insurance: An insurance claims adjuster has hundreds of claims reviews each day and often misses key information doing so manually. LanguageWare can quickly analyze and sort claims by severity of risk so that claims analysts can process them more efficiently and effectively.
  • Healthcare: Clinician notes that communicate patient diagnoses and treatment programs often contain comments that are lost in translation. By analyzing even the comments in clinicians notes, LanguageWare improves communication and patient treatment between healthcare entities.
  • Corporate IT: Every company has highly sensitive information that may exist in a combination of structured and unstructured documents. LanguageWare can automatically identify and map specific sensitive data within documents.

LanguageWare helps you understand what your data may be trying to tell you, but more importantly, by understanding the relationships between information, it helps you effectively and intelligently execute on the insights it provides--providing a real return on your investment while also potentially providing significant risk mitigation.

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