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Discover the Hidden Value in Unstructured Information

Understand how you can leverage the expertise of the jStart team to mine your data to reveal relationships and context with text analytics tooling with your structured and unstructured data.

How text analytics can help your business

Often businesses are sitting on a wealth of information that they're not even aware of--or worse, they are aware of it, yet lack a tool to mine that data. jStart has been working with colleagues in IBM Research, as well as IBM Information Management, to resolve this challenge. The result? Solutions built upon technologies unique to IBM: LanguageWare™ (LW) and IBM Content Analytics (ICA). Both are flexible and extensible nautral language processing solutions that:

  • Provides an easy to use environment for capturing the knowledge of your business domain experts into dictionaries and semantic rules for re-use.
  • Allows customizable Information Extraction for logical reasoning to draw inferences from natural, unstructured communications.
  • Offers Entity & Relationship Recognition to classify words or phrases into categories that can be analyzed for business meaning.
  • Fits seamlessly into existing e-mail, instant messaging, business intelligence, and various other desktop or mainframe applications.

What problems are addressed?

Companies attempt to apply structure to information gathered through forms based systems - but most business information and communications remain unstrucutured language texts:

What opportunities are presented?

  • Quickly analyze and sort claims by severity of risk so that claims analysts can process them more efficiently and effectively.
  • By analyzing even the comments in clinicians notes, LW improves communication and patient treatment between healthcare entities.
  • For security, automatically identify and map specific sensitive data within documents to the correct transmission standard.

NLP Tools

NLP Dictionary Server: a tool designed to help non-technical line of business users better manage NLP dictionaries from within a web-based interface.

How does text analytics enhance business processes?

  • Start by building customer dictionaries and rules to capture the knowledge or field expertise of your "business domain experts". This knowledge evolves over time and learns from these users.
  • Can be integrated into current applications to extract and analyze streams of natural text - exposing new relationships and insights relevant to your business.
  • Convert these results into any repository type (relational DB, XML, etc.) for increased accessibility and transparency. Business processes can then benefit from new information and insights.

getting started...

Briefing. This briefing includes presentations, roundtable discussions, off the shelf demonstrations and high level architectural white board sessions exploring the challenges the customer faces and how text analytics can address these issues. Schedule a Briefing.

QuickStart Pilot. Provides an advanced text analytics solution for rich text-level analysis, parsing, rules development, contextual analysis, semantic analysis, and disambiguation. The options is best suited for customers who are ready to start a small pilot project. Schedule a Pilot.

Integration Workshop. Need a more comprehensive solution to satisfy your business needs? We can provide an Eclipse-based environment for customizing LanguageWare/CCA capabilities for specific domains, applications, and customers. Schedule a Workshop

Text Analytics: an example of using LanguageWare(tm) to understand the business value of hidden unstructured data