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jStart Emerging Technology Adoption Process

Many clients require timely solutions to very specific business needs that current products do not deliver. Delivering more than just fast, customized solutions, the IBM jStart Team implements and validates emerging technologies through the team’s engagements. Working with early adopters, those who want to stay ahead of the curve, the team turns ideas into software solutions. This provides clients with an attractive value proposition while allowing IBM to capitalize upon emerging business opportunities through the technologies leveraged by jStart.

Closely aligned with the Emerging Technology development process, the jStart engagement approach applies to specific client business needs. When these technologies are barely more than disparate concepts, jStart engages early adopters to refine and validate them. Once jStart proves concept validity, they are adopted by larger entities to become IBM products.

“Basically, we are a group of innovators. We have people that like to tinker--they're very inquisitive, they like to take things apart and put them back together.”

Jim Smith, Chief Architect and Manager of jStart's client engagement team

Latest jStart Techs

Learn about Apache Spark and Emerging Technologies.

Dynamic Dashboards
Learn about dynamic dashboards.

Learn about the Internet of Things.

IPython Notebooks
Learn about IPython Notebooks.

Conversational Computing
Learn about Conversational Computing.

Social Data Analytics
Learn about Social Data Analytics.

Engagement Analytics
Learn about Engagement Analytics.

The jStart team understands these technologies. Even better, we understand how businesses can leverage these technologies in a way to enhance productivity, discover new opportunities, and perhaps most pressing, keep a firm lid on costs. It's what the team does day-in and day-out: work with our clients to leverage emerging technologies to solve real world problems that exist today.

All of the technologies on this page have had one or more jStart teams working on them for some time. If you think your business could leverage one of them to address a business need you have, contact the jStart team and see how we can help you utilize emerging technologies to benefit your business.

Start Small, Grow Fast

Learn how the jStart Team can help your business get started using our "start small, grow fast" engagement process. Today's business challenges aren't just about huge amounts of information, rather it is leveraging the valuable insights and opportunities living within that data. jStart is a highly skilled team focused on providing fast, smart, and valuable business solutions leveraging the latest technologies. The team typically focuses on emerging technologies which have commercial potential within 12-18 months. This allows the team to keep ahead of the adoption curve, while being prepared for client engagements and partnerships. The team’s focus includes: predictive and prescriptive analytics, cognitive computing, cloud technologies, big data, social data and mobile platforms.

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