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Vladimir Stemkovski
IT Architect, Managing Consultant

Vladimir's Bio

Vladimir is an IT Architect with the IBM Emerging Internet Technologies, jStart Team. Mr. Stemkovski joined IBM in January, 2001, as a technical leader with XML, Web Services, Web Services security, Services Oriented Architecture (SOA), Autonomic Computing, and UDDI. Over the years Vladimir has performed a number of key roles including architect, project manager, and technical consultant. In this role, Vladimir has also been involved in key exploratory technologies including the Market Insight and Trend Analysis (MITA) tool and Open Text Analytics (OTA) service.


Areas of Expertise

Vladimir is currently involved with the IBM Watson effort, and in the past has helped customers understand the importance of SOA as they consider Web 2.0 related business models and architecture. In addition, he was a key technologist leading the development of IBM mashup center product components, widgets, mashups and customer validation.

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