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the jStart team

meet the individuals who make jStart® what it is today

Vijay Dheap
Emerging Technology Analyst

Vijay's Bio

Vijay Dheap is the resident Emerging Technology Analyst for jStart. His focus is on the business value of emerging technologies and played a key role in developing the IBM Software Group's Web 2.0 strategy. He has consulted for customers, partners and even internal IBM teams on how they can leverage emerging technologies in their business processes and incorporate them into their own offerings. He also advises the team and customers on emerging business trends/opportunities and the competitive market landscape.

Prior to his role on the jStart team Vijay honed his technical skills as a developer on the IBM's Pervasive Computing Team. While earning his Masters degree from University of Waterloo, where he studied both Computer Engineering and Management Science, he was a researcher at the IBM Center of Advanced Studies. Vijay's innovation track record includes academic publications and a number of patent filings.


Areas of Expertise

Web 2.0, Mashups, SOA, Rich Internet Applications, Social Networks, Telecom 2.0. Vijay is currently focused on device independent development platforms, as well as mobile computing.

Current Projects and Industries

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