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Ted Morris
IT Architect, Managing Consultant

Ted's Bio

Ted Morris joined jStart in December of 2011 as a Solution Architect and Managing Consultant. He brings extensive background in implementation strategies and architecture for predictive analytics solutions from his prior assignments with IBM/SPSS, where he variously served as a software engineer, software engineering manager, product suite architect, senior product manager, and most recently World-Wide Field Technical Solutions Leader. Ted's technical background ranges from formal language parsers, to database applications, to the automation and management of predictive analytics processing.

Highlights of Ted's career include development in 8086 assembler of an intelligent library workstation at the University of Chicago; authoring the seminal internal SPSS whitepaper entitled "Operational Analytics" that helped drive SPSS initiatives to deploy predictive analytics into operational business systems; serving as product strategist and first development manager for the SPSS product Collaboration and Deployment Services; and helping to develop several new consulting teams, including the SPSS Enterprise Architecture group and the IBM Business Analytics BASA team.


  • BA in Liberal Arts with concentration in Music Theory and History, St. Olaf College

Areas of Expertise

Ted has extensive expertise in predictive analytics, including strategies and architecture design for predicitve analytics solutions, database, text analytics, and automation systems.

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