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Chris "Spence" Spencer
Emerging Technologies Strategist


Spence's Bio

Chris Spencer (who goes by "Spence") has over 15 years' experience in the IT industry, ten of which as a manager and executive. Mr. Spencer's experience began with his first software application--a game--and soon blossomed into a love of all things IT related. While in college, Mr. Spencer was recruited by his university's IT division, and helped to develop one of the world's first web-based authentication, authorization, and identification systems which was the basis for a company which he formed in 1999. That experience led Spence from a love of the technology of IT to a love of the business of technology (or as he puts it "how to make technology more than just an idle curiosity, but into real business value").

While obtaining his masters degree, Mr. Spencer participated in IBM's highly competitive Extreme Blue internship. After graduation, he was recruited by IBM's alphaWorks as an Emerging Technologies Strategist where he helped champion emerging technologies from IBM's worldwide R&D labs as well as identify opportunities for commercialization of those technologies. Today, he is continuing his work in emerging technologies with the JStart Team.


Areas of Expertise

Emerging Technologies, Corporate and Business Strategy, Marketing and Communications, Social Media Strategy, Grassroots and Viral Marketing, Community Development, Public Relations. Currently, Mr. Spencer is leading jStart's Marketing and Communications efforts, and is concentrating on the team's business strategy, while working on iniatives melding emerging technologies with the latest in business concepts.

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