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the jStart team

meet the individuals who make jStart® what it is today

Sam Thompson
Sr. IT Architect, Managing Consultant

Sam's Bio

Sam joined IBM in 1980 and held various technical and management positions in VM product development. In 1992, Sam moved to the systems management development lab in Raleigh, North Carolina and helped bring several SystemView products to market. When SystemView merged with Tivoli Systems, Sam traveled the world as a technical evangelist explaining the merger, the new Tivoli strategy and products, and the convergence strategy for the IBM and Tivoli workgroup products. In March, 1997 he helped form the IBM's Emerging Internet Technologies jStart (jump start) group which works with IBM's clients to help them architect and build solutions that utilize IBM's emerging technologies, where today he works with clients to understands their challenges, select the appropriate emerging technology to address that challenge, manage the development of the solution, deploy the solution at the client's site, educate the client regarding the technology, and finally obtain feedback from the client for the continual evolution of the technology in question.


Areas of Expertise

XML, Java, web services, rich client, autonomic computing, Web 2.0, Ajax, and Mashup technologies. Currently, Sam is focused on BigSheets, data analytics, and mashup technololgies.

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