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Walter "Rusty" Wright
Business/Operations, IBM Emerging Technologies

Rusty's Bio

Rusty joined Emerging Technologies (ET) in April 2013. He has been an IBMer for more than 14 years, 12 of those years in a Finance and Planning in GBS, S&D and SWG. He started in IBM Global Services Finance as a professional hire following a career in commercial banking. He moved to IBM S&D Finance as the Revenue & Expense Coordinator for Global Business Partners. His financial career was interrupted by a 2 year assignment in Toronto, Canada where he worked in GBS Operations as a Commissions & Incentives analyst. For the last 4 years, Rusty has been the Financial Consolidator for Division 61, Development, where he supported the IBM Strategy & Technology organization which included Rod Smith's ET team. Rusty moved to support Rod's Business Operations which includes management of expense and expense recovery from Internal IBM and external IBM customers. He is involved in vendor contracts in conjunction with the IBM Software services business where he supports all aspects of Development including activities of the jStart team, which has a mission to develop, refine, and franchise advanced technologies.


Areas of Expertise

Rusty has long term expertise in finance, but he is currently working on business operations for Emerging Technologies (ET) where he helps support the VP of Emerging Technologies in IBMs SWG. Rusty is working to develop negotiating skills necessary to facilitate the closure of deals on behalf of ET. He also helps manage the ET budget and coordinates with HR and Finance to action resource related needs for ET.

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