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the jStart team

meet the individuals who make jStart® what it is today

John Feller
Manager, Development, jStart Team, IBM Emerging Technologies


John's Bio

John Feller is the manager of the IBM jStart Emerging Technologies development team. He manages a creative and energetic team of developers that architect, design, and develop innovative solutions focused on emerging internet software technologies and creating solutions with tangible benefit to jStart's clients. John and his team also validates these technologies in the real world with customer use cases, technology evaluations with customers, and works with IBM product teams for integration of those technologies into the IBM portfolio. John joined IBM in 1989 as a software engineer and since that time has been involved with development and release management of several IBM software products and offerings. Mr. Feller is a certified Project Manager Professional® by the Project Management Institute.


Areas of Expertise

Rich User Interface, Software Project and Release Management, and Setting Emerging Technologies technical direction. He is currently focused on Web 2.0, mashups, and web analytics.

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