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Jim Smith
Manager, Client Engagements, Chief Architect, jStart Team, IBM Emerging Technologies

Jim's Bio

With 18 years of experience in software development, Jim began his career at Sandia National Labs in Livermore California. There he designed high speed data acquisition systems as well as distributed computing systems. As part of the Enterprise Integration Development Team, Mr. Smith worked to create EIS libraries for a little known language at the time, Java.

Jim was one of the founders of IBM's Advanced Technology Solutions (ATS), a global software services and development organization with a mission to develop, refine, and franchise, advanced technologies and lightweight business processes for IBM. ATS was comprised of development labs, software architects and consultants in all IBM customer regions.

Currently, Jim resides in Apex, North Carolina with his wife, Sue, and three children, is an award winning home brewer, and is an avid photographer.


Areas of Expertise

Jim has been heavily involved in Java, XML, Web Services, Rich Client technologies, Open source, ITSM and Web 2.0 initiatives within IBM, and is currently involved in analytics and big data solutions (Hadoop, BigSheets).

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