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the jStart team

meet the individuals who make jStart® what it is today

The jStart team is a small, highly talented, and creative team consisting of architects, high caliber developers, and business strategists.

With over 250 years of combined experience developing leading edge prototypes with emerging technologies, the team thrives on creating creative solutions to real world challenges.

leadership team

Ed Elze, Program Director, jStart Team, IBM Emerging Technologies
John Feller, Manager, Development, jStart Team, IBM Emerging Technologies
Jim Smith, Manager, Client Engagements, Chief Architect, jStart Team, IBM Emerging Technologies

business team

Rhonda Edwards, Marketing Manager
Graham Mackintosh, Executive Project Manager
Ben Morris, Technical Engagement Manager
Randall Wilcox, Technical Engagement Manager

support team

Joanne Bunch, Operations Manager, jStart
Walter "Rusty" Wright, Business/Operations, IBM Emerging Technologies

technical team

Jay Allen, IT Architect, Managing Consultant
Terry Finch, Delivery Engagement Manager
Sanjay Joshi, Project Manager, jStart Cloud-related projects and Client Outreach
Ted Morris, IT Architect, Managing Consultant
Vladimir Stemkovski, IT Architect, Managing Consultant
Lee Surprenant, Software Engineer
Fiodar Zboichyk, IT Architect, Managing Consultant


Chris Walden, Technical Co-Op/Intern
Ryan Soley, Technical Co-Op/Intern

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