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Holt Adams
Executive IT Architect

Holt's Bio

Holt Adams is an Executive IT Architect in IBM software's Emerging Internet Technology group, where he currently supports IBM's jStart Program. His skills allow him to play the roles of both solution architect and engagement manager, and to be an effective catalyst in customer adoption of emerging Internet technologies.

Holt has experience as a practitioner in both the business and technical aspects of customer engagements from activities that include lead generation, business qualification, requirements management, solution architecture, solution design, and contract negotiations.

As an IT Architect, Mr. Adams refines customer business needs to IT requirements that can be addressed with IT capabilities of emerging technologies in building leading-edge solutions.


Areas of Expertise

IBM Watson, text analytics, Mashups, mashup platforms and mashup ecosystems, Situational Applications, widget models and widget-based business models, Web 2.0, community building, Web services and Java are all areas Holt has expertise in.

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