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Hank Robbins
Business Manager and Operations Manager, IBM Emerging Technologies

Hank's Bio

Hank has over 30 years of experience in many areas of IBM, including IBM management, business controls, finance and all phases of contract relations. Hank started at IBM headquarters, Armonk, NY. and has had many job in IBM, including IBM worldwide Real Estate, Project Management and Contracts. Hank moved to the Emerging Internet Technologies team focusing on all phases of IBM internal, external IBM customers, vendor contracts and finance after helping establish the IBM Software services business and contracts process for IBM Software services revenue. Hank was one of the early team leaders of jStart, a global software services and development organization with a mission to develop, refine, and franchise advanced technologies, business processes for IBM, Business Partners, and customers, including all negotiations.


Areas of Expertise

Currently, Hank is the Business Manager, Emerging Internet Technologies and Operations Manager to VP, Emerging Technologies, SWG. Currently Hank negotiates and closes all deals on behalf of Emerging Internet Technologies, handles all finances (income and expense) for EIT, and all contracts for the organization as well.

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