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Ethan Groves
Technical Co-Op/Intern

PDF of Ethan's Bio

Ethan's Bio

Ethan Groves actively seeks to create simple solutions to complex problems using emerging technologies. This passion for creativity has won him numerous awards related to his research on Tactile Visualizations at Virginia Tech, where he pursues a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science. Currently, he is developing software for the jStart Emerging Technologies team as part of the IBM Bluemix (CloudOE) initiative. Ethan plans to graduate in May 2015, at which point, he will have to decide whether he wants to get his masters degree, start his own company, or seek employment.

Areas of Expertise

Creativity, Emerging Technologies, Java, C/C++, Python, Web Development (HTML, CSS, etc.), Android Development, Graphic Design, Cinematography.

Degree Being Pursued

BS in Computer Science


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