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Ed Elze
Program Director, jStart Team, IBM Emerging Technologiesi

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Ed's Bio

Since joining IBM in 1981, Ed has worked with clients who recognize the value of adopting new technologies. Initially working within the IBM mainframe environment, he was involved with the first client implementations of IBM's automated storage offerings and Advanced Function Printing offerings. As client interest shifted towards a more distributed computing model, Ed engaged on initial deployments where OS/2 client and server integration with mainframes was a key requirement. As the software leader for IBM's Distribution Industry, Ed worked with IBM's largest retail clients to lower costs and increase responsiveness through a distributed computing model. As interest shifted to the Web, Ed joined IBM's jStart Team to work with IBM clients who sought first mover advantage by exploring and deploying Web-based technologies such as Java and Web services.


Areas of Expertise

As the Program Director for IBM's jStart Team, Ed leads a team of consultants who partner with clients on emerging technology projects with the objective of identifying the value to their business and gathering requirements to refine and improve IBM's foray into that area. Over the years, this model has been applied to initiate IBM's efforts in Java, XML, and Web services. More recently, Ed has engaged with clients on lowering the cost of development by making data more consumable and applying a mashup model for building 'situational applications'. The efforts associated with making data more consumable for the end user/business analyst has led to the team's BigSheet initiative- the collection, filtering, and visualization of 'Big Data.'

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