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meet the individuals who make jStart® what it is today

Dan Gisolfi
Chief Technology Evangelist, IBM Emerging Technologies, Certified IBM Executive IT Architect, Certified Open Group Master IT Architect

Dan's Bio

As a proven high-energy technical leader with diverse development lab and worldwide field experience, he is highly regarded for his ability to match emerging technologies against customer business needs and how to be an intensely productive internal advocate for customers.

Current Focus

He is currently focused on the incubation of three emerging technology domains:

  • DIY Analytics for insight generation relating to situational information across many large and disparate data sources
  • Telepresence Lite (desktop and mobile) solutions using Cooperative Web technologies.
  • Expert / Knowledge Representation Systems for situational information

All of these focus areas are geared toward the empowerment of decision agility and impromptu content investigations.

Industry Experience

Dan has broad cross industry field experience complimented by significant work in the Finance, Healthcare and Distance learning sectors.


In his spare time he is an award wining amateur international winemaker as well as a Joomla Webmaster for a number of non-profit organizations.

Areas of Expertise

Text Analytics, Cooperative Web, Telemedicine, Hadoop, Mashup Technologies, Web 2.0 Technologies.

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