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Getting started with Systems of Engagement

By: Spence

What exactly is meant by 'Sytems of Engagement'? While Geoffrey Moore may have introduced the concept (to the right is the first of a series of videos with Moore explaining the concept), the term actually just recognizes a sea-change that's been occuring in IT groups in almost every major corporation around the planet. Moore's brilliance was recognizing the consequences of what this shift would entail. This infocenter is dedicated to giving you a jump start on this new concept, as well as giving you additional links for further information.

getting started

If you haven't already checked out the jStart Systems of Engagement page, that's a great place to get started. On that page, we describe what is meant by Systems of Engagement, as well as some real-world examples of implementing Systems of Engagement.

What technologies can you leverage today to get started? jStart has been actively engaged with researching, exploring, and understanding the technologies that are at the core of any System of Engagement, including:

  • Social Data Analytics Understand what the data is telling you when applied to social data.
  • Text Analytics Dive deep into the data and understand the context and sentiment around social data.
  • Big Data By definition, almost any System of Engagement will have to deal with big data.
  • BigSheets How do you practically leverage big data? IBM BigSheets is one tool that can get you started.
  • Apache Hadoop™ Need an infrastructure to support your big data needs? Hadoop provides a distributed file system, as well as some additional capabilities.
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