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Systems of Engagement & the Enterprise

jStart explores Geoffrey Moore's System of Engagement model, and examines how it might impact the enterprise using our experience with big data engagements.

Since Geoffrey Moore introduced the concept of systems of engagement as the Future of IT, conversations around the impact of Moore's insights into the Enterprise have caught the attention of the jStart team. Here's a look at Systems of Engagement, as well as some thoughts on the potential impact into the Enterprise.

What is a "systems of engagement"?

Basically, systems of engagement refers to the transition from current enterprise systems designed around discrete pieces of information ("records") to systems which are more decentralized, incorporate technologies which encourage peer interactions, and which often leverage cloud technologies to provide the capabilities to enable those interactions.

When you compare that to today's systems ("systems of record") which are largely geared towards passively providing information to a company's workers, the differences--and the ramifications of those differences. Here's what we have discovered:

  • Social Applications. The best way to encourage employees to leverage information is to allow them to collaborate. Whether it be on project management, development, or research, social applications can facilitate the transition from a systems of record enterprise to a systems of engagement enterprise.
  • Integration of systems which still are not 'connected'. Whether it be supply chains, partner eco-systems, HR systems, etc., for a system of engagement to function as a cohesive whole, the technologies will need to be integrated.
  • Appropriate Platform Technologies. In order to integrate systems, as well as offer new systems to support enhanced collaboration--which is what systems of engagement is all about, in the end--appropriate platform technologies will need to be deployed. While most will be cloud-based, they may be represented as SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS offerings, as appropriate.

Putting SOE to work

jStart has been engaged with clients to implement Systems of Engagement to solve real challenges: in reality, the team has been engaged in this work for some time with our work in social data analytics, text analytics, big data, and Hadoop--all key components of any System of Engagement environment. Recently, we have collaborated to explore Engagement Analytics with Marie Wallace.

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For IT Professionals

Systems of Engagement is an evolution of IT into a more collaborative based environment. Those new environments will require new collaborative technologies with capabilities that will extend beyond the intranet. With the experience that the jStart team has has had with Social Data Analytics and complimentary technologies like BigSheets, LanguageWare, and IBM Watson, the team understands not just the potential, but the challenges of implementing such a system.

Moving forward

With the dawn of Social Business, it has become rapidly apparent that implementation of social systems within the enterprise is necessary to realize the benefits of social business. Systems of Engagement is a practical way to do just that--to apply principles to the enterprise that build upon each other to enhance not only how the business operates internally, but how it collaborates internally and externally. And it's, according to Geoffrey Moore--and a number of other leading thought-leaders--the Future of IT.

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Interested in exploring how the concept of Systems of Engagement can be leveraged by your company? The jStart team is currently exploring how systems of engagement might be leveraged within the enterprise. If you are a company that is interested in getting started with Systems of Engagement, schedule a workshop.