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how we can help you get started with emerging technologies

Built to address real-world challenges, jStart solutions offer clients tested and proven emerging technologies to generate immediate value.

By: Chris "Spence" Spencer

The challenges facing businesses today are complex, diverse, and challenging. But for every challenge, there exists an opportunity--and jStart believes that emerging technologies can surface those opportunities while simultaneously addressing challenges business face, today. By meeting the need, and exceeding it, jStart technologies are designed not only address existing issues, but extend business opportunities.

Intelligently analyzing data

So how can companies get started tackling such a potentially huge challenge? Antithetically, by doing the exact opposite: starting small. jStart can help your business explore how emerging technologies can allow your company to begin tackling this looming issue. We all know that emerging technology can be challenging. Afterall, it's emerging. But that's where the jStart team's expertise can be of benefit: we specialize in helping companies get started with emerging technologies, not by solving some theoretical problem, but by tackling real, challenging, issues that companies face today.

What's with this whole 'New Intelligence' concept from IBM?

It's not just about having a ton of data. It's about doing something intelligent with that information. IBM has recognized this, and has launched it's New Intelligence initiative as part of its Smarter Planet efforts. Realizing returns on your web investments starts with more intelligent components running behind the scenes. Web activity metering, monitoring, and monetization tools let you take control. You can track consumption of your web assets even when they reside on platforms that you don't control. They wisely protect your web investment by allowing non-intrusive oversight to external vendors and security metrics to guard against hackers. Providing you with consumer response, demand, and behavior pattern data, you can gather intelligence on how to differentiate your brand from the competition. Let jStart show you how surprisingly lightweight and easy it can be to get started.

Intelligently Instrumented.

Streamlining processes for instrumented operations has become tougher as hybrid "click and brick" business models gain popularity. In order to provide focus and clear directives across your value chain, web channels need to become highly integrated for conflicts to be solved with specific, timely solutions. Business event processing tools trigger self-starting and self-regulating conflict resolutions between channels. jStart's web solutions and services equip you with the information to take action plus the tools to automate those actions effectively.

our solutions+services

Industry Approved.

jStart's combined industry perspective and experience can be leveraged to manage risk while stimulating web-based innovations using emerging technologies. It's knowledge of emerging growth markets and understanding of those markets can also aid in identifying opportunities. Such continuous innovation is required to create and sustain value. Without web-based innovations, you risk falling behind and losing market presence- especially during turbulent economic times. When you need a partner instead of another provider, an "open innovation" engagement utilizing jStart solutions and services helps your organization excel in industry.