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How to get started with Social Data Analytics

By: Spence

Social Data Analytics. It's not just about measuring sentiment from social media sites anymore. Today's businesses require a much deeper insight into drivers of their markets, needs of their customers, and attitudes they may have on a number of issues. How can companies, who may have just started to address their big data needs, deal with the challenges that social data analytics provide?

The good news is that social data analytics can be addressed by a number of existing big data technologies: Big Data tooling, text analytics tools, and distributed analtyics and storage tools. What can be problematic is how to weave these technologies into a cohesive whole which allows companies to monitor, interact, and pro-actively engage social media. More good news: jStart has this very expertise. Read more about social data analytics here, and once you feel ready, contact us to get started.

putting social data analytics to work

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