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Maximize the Value of your Systems of Engagement

Engagement Analytics allows you to measure real-time engagement across your workforce and beyond. It helps you to understand how your business works and allows employees to measure their own personal effectiveness.

By: Marie Wallace

It's long been recognized that organizations with a highly engaged workforce significantly outperform those without. Yet despite this clear evidence that engagement is critical for business success, few companies are able to measure in real-time the levels of engagement across their business.

In fact data generated by systems of engagement, be that across social, collaboration, or business applications, is the most under-utilized data in the Enterprise for analytics purposes, even though its potentially the most valuable! If systems of engagement data could effectively participate in a company's business analytics strategy, the resulting analytics would hold the answer to a multitude of business questions that are unanswerable today.

What we are aiming to do with our engagement analytics solution is to help you release the bigdata buried within your systems of engagement so that it can be transformed into the fuel that drives your business.

How do we approach this challenge?

Our solution captures people interactions from systems of engagement to build your enterprise graph; a graph which encodes who is interacting with whom, when, and in what context. It allows you to understand how your business works; which parts of the graph light up when certain things happen and which don’t, or which parts of the graph are most active, have the most expertise, or the need for expertise. Our solution allows you to start to answer these questions dynamically in real-time.

Once you have built your Enterprise Graph, you can then build many different solutions on top. The first solution we have built on this graph is a Social Dashboard.

What is the Social Dashboard?

It is a solution for employees and management to better understand their role in the social network and learn how to increase their impact through growing their network, knowledge, reputation, and social capital. It provides transparency & evidence (the indicators driving the scores) to help every employee understand where they stand and how to improve.

The dashboard is based on a bigdata analytics system that captures interactions, from social, collaborative, or business applications, stores them in an extensible enterprise graph, and then applies a series of robust and tunable analytics algorithms to generate engagement scores (KPIs).

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What are Engagement KPIs?

Our analysis system is based around 4 KPIs (or scores):

  • Activity: that measures your level of activity across the network
  • Reaction: that measures how others respond to your activity
  • Eminence: that measures how they react to you the individual
  • Network: that measures the quality of your network, and your role within in it

You can drill-down into each KPI in order to understand what actions are driving your score, and take appropriate action. We believe these 4 KPIs provide the framework to allow every employee not just to be successful in social, but in all their interactions across whatever engagement channel, and to grow their skills, reputation, value, and impact over time.

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Briefing. This briefing includes presentations, roundtable discussions, off the shelf demonstrations and high level architectural white board sessions exploring the challenges the customer faces and how text analytics can address these issues. Schedule a Briefing.

QuickStart Pilot. Provides an advanced text analytics solution for rich text-level analysis, parsing, rules development, contextual analysis, semantic analysis, and disambiguation. The options is best suited for customers who are ready to start a small pilot project. Schedule a Pilot.

Integration Workshop. Need a more comprehensive solution to satisfy your business needs? We can provide an Eclipse-based environment for customizing LanguageWare/CCA capabilities for specific domains, applications, and customers. Schedule a Workshop