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Working on Creating Websites By Leveraging Big Data

The e-commerce industry is facing a looming "Big Data" challenge with the explosive growth of social networking sites. With 700 million users on Facebook expected to reach 1 billion in 2011, and Twitter up to 140 million tweets per day, retailers are trying to reach their customers and understand their shopping habits better using these channels. Without social analytics, online retailers risk becoming a victim to this deluge of data--unable to make sense out of the massive volume of product data and customer feedback, or even able to respond to it in a timely way.

Working with IBM's jStart™ team, Technovated created a system that uses IBM BigSheets to reduce manual processes while simultaneously tackling the "Big Data" challenges that many online retailers experience.

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Providing a Big Data Edge

Technovated is able to respond to shoppers instantly based on customers' latest product searches, blog posts and tweets about recent purchases. Using this valuable consumer insight, Technovated can automatically set up new online stores in a matter of days to deliver shoppers with the products they are searching for at a competitive price point. It used to take six weeks to put products up for sale online. Now, using IBM technology combined with Technovated's know-how, it takes a few days.

By using IBM BigSheets, Technovated plans to jump-start its business growth. Starting off its Web stores with a few thousand product stock-keeping units (SKUs), Technovated will quickly be able to cull through terabytes of data to set up niche e-commerce sites ranging from office chairs to running shoes.

IBM BigSheets is a system developed by IBM's Emerging Internet Technologies group to allow for the easy and quick exploration of big data. If you're wondering what your data may be trying to tell you, BigSheets is a great place to start--since any line-of-business professional can manipulate the tool to identify and take action on opportunities which may reside in the data, itself. Since BigSheets can merge data from numerous sources, your company can obtain a high level overview of what's possible with the data available--and the opportunity to act on those insights.

The jStart team also has extensive experience with IBM data analytics technologies and solutions as well.

Want to get started?

By leveraging these technologies, your business could extract information from publicly available sources, internal data sources, and partner resources, and use them to identify patterns, markets, and opportunities to make the sale. In the end, big data can help identify big opportunities for retail. Ready to get started? jStart is. Contact us today.

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