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Seton Healthcare Family: reducing readmissions to improve care

Working with jStart, Seton Healthcare sought to address a need to reduce the occurrence of high cost Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) readmissions. How would Seton do this? By proactively identifying patients likely to be readmitted on an emergent basis. Bringing in jStart’s expertise with sophisticated text analytics, Seton hoped to address this issue by leveraging key IBM text analytics technologies.

The jStart team immediately matched Seton’s needs with an existing IBM product: the IBM Content and Predictive Analytics for Healthcare solution. This sophisticated analytics package, based on IBM’s Content Analytics offering, would give Seton the capabilities it needed to tackle the challenge.

"IBM Content and Predictive Analytics for Healthcare uses the same type of natural language processing as IBM Watson, enabling us to leverage information in new ways not possible before. We can access an integrated view of relevant clinical and operational information to drive more informed decision making and optimize patient and operational outcomes."

Charles J. Barnett
FACHE, President/Chief Executive Officer
Seton Healthcare Family

The Solution, Identified

In addition, the team knew that this technology could help the client better target and understand high-risk CHF patients for care management programs by:

  • Utilizing natural language processing to extract key elements from unstructured History and Physical, Discharge Summaries, Echocardiogram Reports, and Consult Notes
  • Leveraging predictive models that have demonstrated high positive predictive value against extracted elements of structured and unstructured data
  • Providing an interface through which providers can intuitively navigate, interpret and take action

Seton Healthcare & ICPA

Smarter Business Outcomes

By leveraging jStart’s sophisticated data analytics skills and capabilities, combined with IBM’s text analytics technologies, Seton Healthcare Family has been able to proactively target care management and reduce readmission of CHF patients. The benefit? For Seton, a reduction in costs and risks associated with complying with Federal readmission targets. For Seton’s patients, fewer visits to the hospital and overall improved patient care. By teaming unstructured content with predictive analytics, Seton is able to identify patients likely for readmission and introduce early interventions to reduce cost, mortality rates, and improved patient quality of life.

About the jStart Team

IBM jStart is the company’s emerging technologies client engagement team. Focused on creating solutions built on the latest technologies, the team has been working with companies since 1997 to address their business challenges while providing business value, today. jStart’s latest initiative is the commercialization of IBM’s Watson system as well as the technologies which are a part of it, including DeepQA and Machine Learning.