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RTI International: Leveraging jStart's expertise with big data and social data analytics

How might one of the world's largest independent research institutes leverage big data to help it gain market insights better for it's own operations, but also to help it's clients understand the efficacy of their social media efforts? RTI International, with offices in over 40 countries and subject matter experts in over 130 research domains, recognized jStart's expertise in big data analytics, and wanted to collaborate with the team to understand the opportunities, challenges, and new technologies to address this need.

First, the Institute wanted to understand the opportunities big data offered it in understanding marketplace trends, opportunities, and insights. jStart helped build a customized solution for RTI which pulled data from over 500 websites and accessed over 6 million web pages...and then mined that data to discover and surface the trends, opportunities, and insights that the institute was looking for--and could immediately leverage into business value.

Next, jStart and RTI teamed up analyze social media data to provide a landscape perspective for the Institute's clients. Initially, this project was geared specifically to understand the efficacy of media campaigns based on social and policy recommendations the Institute had made for that client. The end result was that millions of pieces of data, which had taken days to process before, could be processed within minutes.

By working with RTI, jStart was able to test drive some of it's new technologies, and RTI was able to see just how big data and social data analytics could be used to solve real challenges that they were facing today--and in the process, create immediate value.

Note: RTI International is a trade name of Research Triangle Institute.

Learning more about RTI International

With a history spanning over 50 years, RTI International is a leading global research institute, dedicated to research to "improve the human condition". With operations in countries around the planet and employing over 2800 of the best researchers in their fields, RTI International is an acknowledged leader in large scale data collection, data analysis, program development and associated public and social policy recommendations. In fact, in the field of public health, it is a research leader in Big Data Analytics, Survey Methodology and Media Campaign Evaluation. Clients include a broad range of local, state, federal and commercial entities around the world. To learn more about RTI International, visit their website at:

"Thanks to jStart, RTI was able to rapidly evaluate and to assess IBM's ability to analyze social media data. We were able to capture and process Big Data from a variety of media sources, both traditional and digital, in order to assess new methods in analytics for new clients and customers," noted Dr. Lynn Soby, Vice President of Innovation and Commercialization, RTI International. Both teams expect the collaboration to continue, as they exchange ideas on possible applications of big data analytics, as well as the solutions that would be required.

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