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iTel®: enabling the next generation of medical telepresence technologies

Healthcare is one of the top social and economic problems we face today. The dilemma can be summarized in two words: affordability and accessibility. Americans spend twice as much as residents of other developed countries on healthcare, but are reported to receive lower quality, access and efficiency. With the staggering increases in chronic disease, an aging population, increased focus on prevention, advancements in technologies, pharmaceuticals, and treatments, along with potential increase in the number of lives covered under the Obama Healthcare plan, demand will continue to grow regardless of outcomes.

This growth has the potential to outstrip both resource and funding under our current delivery care models. Tremendous pressure for access will also grow, due in part to clinical professional shortages. Affordability will remain an issue--a financial burden to the government, insurers, providers and patients/consumers. Accountable Health Organizations (ACO) will seek ways to offset these issues and improve outcomes and service(s). As few providers will find enough resources under the current delivery model, companies with interoperable technologies that can extend the reach and productivity of their clinicians across their network will outperform others.

Did you know?

Behind the numbers:

  • There are 425,000 US TeleHealth Providers with an additional 500,000 internationally
  • Recent studies show Patient/Provider Telehealth satisfaction same as face-to-face.
  • The number of Telehealth Medical professionals including specialties: ~900,000 physicians, 3.5 million nurses
  • Global home care and self care market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.4% between 2009 and 2014

Business Opportunity

The global telemedicine market is expected to exceed $18 Billion by 2015, and grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of around 19% between 2010 and 2015. The US and Europe are expected to dominate the world telemedicine markets. iTel seeks to be a one-stop hosting service to enable patients and providers to collaborate online, recognizing that most providers are too small to tackle the technical and economic challenges of supporting a telehealth platform on their own. Recently, iTel has partnered with IBM which seeks an embedded technology opportunity in the telemedicine industry.

teleHealth in action

Clinically remote presence is further enhanced as patients and providers share and edit documents, collaboratively browse and exchange other information in parallel within the video session without changing user control settings (co-browsing). Third party Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and physician documentation systems are integrated, along with an automated financial transaction engine to capture and automatically populate all sessions--including data history with optional session recording and archiving.

Tackling the Challenge

How is iTel going about tackling the challenge its customers face to deliver a telemedicine solution? The answer--by leveraging IBM's Project Blue Spruce technology as an enabling platform that can provide both secure Patient to Provider video-conferencing, include a collaborative work space to access their EMR, and automatically charge the appointment through an integrated session timer. iTel mobility relies on a proprietary telepresence-lite solution that can interoperate between enterprise and large room telepresence systems, while bringing the agility of cross platform performance and mobility devices, and IBM's BlueSpruce provides capabilities to deliver these services to those devices.

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By leveraging these technologies, your business could extract information from publicly available sources, internal data sources, and partner resources, and use them to identify patterns, markets, and opportunities to make the sale. In the end, big data can help identify big opportunities for retail. Ready to get started? jStart is. Contact us today.

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