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Since 1997 jStart has engaged hundreds of companies, ranging from the Fortune 500 to SMBs, in almost every industry vertical.

Recent engagements

DataSkill Logo (C)Dataskill IncDataSkill ACUMI:
Coding Customized Cloud Solutions in Record Time
#bluemix #PaaS #NaturalLanguageProcessing

Seton Healthcare Logo (C)Seton Healthcare FamilySeton Healthcare Family:
Reducing readmissions to improve care
#machinelearning #predictiveanalytics

UNC Healthcare Logo (C)UNC HealthcareUNC Healthcare:
Reducing Medicaid costs for the state of North Carolina
#textanalytics #deepQA #structureddata

USC Annenberg Innovation Lab Logo (C)USCUSC Annenberg Innovation Lab:
Using big data to predict the box office
#bigdata #analytics #predictive

NC State Logo (C)NCSUNC State University:
Identifying business opportunities for academic research
#datamining #datavisualization

iTel Logo (C)iTeliTel™:
NextGen medical telepresence technologies
#telemedicine #collaboration #cobrowsing

COPDGene Logo (C)COPDGeneCOPDGene® Study:
Enabling collaborative medical research with OpenCoweb
#cognitivecomputing #bigdata

Hertz Logo (C)HertzHertz:
Leveraging big data for customer sentiment analysis
#customersatisfaction #dataanalytics

Other engagements:

Bluemix scenarios

Retail & the Cloud
How retailers can leverage the cloud to create immediate value.

The Cloud & first responders
Leveraging the cloud to respond to emergencies.

The future of event ticketing
Understand how the cloud could disrupt event ticketing.


Rapidly building a social sentiment analysis system

USC's Annenberg Innovation Lab wanted to see how big data tooling might be used to better understand public sentiment from social networking sites. jStart teamed up with the lab to rapidly launch their efforts by helping them build some of their initial models as well as training them on IBM's big data analytics offerings.

Leveraging jStart's expertise with big and social data analytics

How did jStart help one of the world's largest research institutes leverage big data to help it gain market insights better for it's own operations, but also to help it's clients understand the efficacy of their social media efforts?

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