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“Through our partnership with the jStart team, we have access to expert resources who can help us get the solution implemented and start realizing the results more quickly.”

Charlie Larkin, Senior Director, GameStop Technology Institute.

Responsive Retail Innovation

Providing high-fidelity content, online or at the retail outlet, is an ever-increasing challenge in order to satisfy the demands of connected and well-informed retail consumers. GameStop looks to deliver an evolving retail experience, as it delivers new game offerings utilizing cutting-edge emerging technologies. Interacting through connected devices to increase the customized retail experience, and to better inform the sales associates about consumers who have walked into their showrooms, GameStop has deployed an innovation platform.

GameStop is a Trail Blazer

GameStop Technology Institute (GTI) was formed to pursue innovation; to outpace the change in the retail marketplace. Reinventing the retail experience, GTI has enabled its network of partners to access enterprise data through APIs hosted in the cloud – allowing GTI to scale as needed and giving their partners a standard mechanism to access relevant data.

Platform as a Service

With IBM Bluemix at the core of the GTI innovation platform, applications can be developed, deployed and very quickly connected to GTI’s enterprise systems and partner network. Utilizing Node-RED and the IBM Bluemix secure connector both enterprise and partner data are combined into one API with a clean interface without having to write any code. It’s all done via the UI designer within Bluemix.

Hybrid Cloud

The challenges of providing access to enterprise GameStop assets as well as partner provided data to academic research partners in a consolidated form were addressed by the creation of a hybrid cloud solution – The GTI Data Hub. The IBM Bluemix platform provided easy on-ramping for the partners, enabling them to deliver their data in real-time, as well as providing easy access to research partners in standard, and open access mechanisms. The global delivery of IBM cloud solutions allows GTI to leverage infrastructure in the 15 countries it currently serves as it looks to future expansion.


Consumer data privacy is of utmost importance to interactive and leading retailers. GTI is on the forefront, securing customer privacy and data while effectively using that data to customize the experience for their consumers. Anonymized dwell data is used in the marketplace to bring offerings to a consumer based on their profile preferences.

GameStop Architecture

IBM Bluemix Garage is a consultancy with a startup DNA empowering companies, large and small, to design and build engaging applications using IBM Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Extreme Programming.

Start Small, Grow Fast

Learn how the jStart Team can help your business get started using our "start small, grow fast" engagement process. Today's business challenges aren't just about huge amounts of information, rather it is leveraging the valuable insights and opportunities living within that data. jStart is a highly skilled team focused on providing fast, smart, and valuable business solutions leveraging the latest technologies. The team typically focuses on emerging technologies which have commercial potential within 12-18 months. This allows the team to keep ahead of the adoption curve, while being prepared for client engagements and partnerships. The team’s focus includes: predictive and prescriptive analytics, cognitive computing, cloud technologies, big data, social data and mobile platforms.

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