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Avaya®:Intelligently communications with telecom

As a telecommunications company that specializes in enterprise telephony and call center technology, Avaya delivers Intelligent Communications solutions to help companies transform their businesses and achieve marketplace advantage. Intelligent Communications represents communications technologies that are embedded into business practices to seamlessly connect workers, customers, and processes to the right people at the right time and in the right medium. With over one million clients worldwide – including over 90% of the Fortune 500 companies – Always looking to improve the value of their solutions, Avaya enlisted the services of jStart to increase the “awareness” of their communications applications.

As part of this effort jStart worked with Avaya to develop a “Trouble Ticket Management Mashup” that allows end-users to search trouble tickets while reviewing customer and field engineer(s) information – all with the capability to use existing Avaya technologies such as 3-way calling (customer, field engineer, manager) if needed. Existing capabilities and information were brought together into a single platform and opened up opportunities to reduce the level of obstruction between applications and improve productivity across the board.

Avaya Mashup Screenshot

Building a New Platform

Communications is the crux of everything that Avaya offers to clients. The ability of clients to monitor and act on problems associated with sales and installation situations is crucial; jStart worked closely with Avaya to determine the existing parameters of such client activity and how jStart could improve performance. In just three weeks, jStart produced a collection of widgets through IBM’s Mashup Center that could pull together all ticket details for an account manager, as well as customer and field engineer (FE) information, a bar graph indicating ticket severity and status, and the ability to initiate a 3-way call. Each widget rapidly displays its information in side-by-side browser windows which allows the user to efficiently synthesize information and respond to a trouble ticket quicker than ever before. In addition, different end-users have the ability to adapt the information in this platform to their own needs by picking and choosing which widgets to use. Currently considering additional opportunities to embed their Intelligence Communications capabilities into IBM’s Mashup Center, Avaya has already demonstrated this mashup before an enthusiastic audience at the 2008 Gartner Conference in San Francisco.

Business Value Created

A Web 2.0 mindset is characterized by making the web work for you and connecting people with each other like never before. IBM’s Mashup Center exemplifies this by providing a centralized platform that can capture all enterprise capabilities and information sources – creating a total that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Through this channel, jStart utilized its mashup expertise to open up and expand upon Avaya’s already intelligent communications . The situational applicability of the Trouble Ticket Mashup would greatly reduce front-line development costs for Avaya. Quicker ticket response times would also lead to increased individual productivity and improved customer service which would substantially reduce operational costs. These are value propositions any company would love to offer.

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