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jStart selected as part of IBM's Watson commercialization efforts, focusing on customer engagements

By: Spence

(Research Triangle Park, NC) - jStart announced today that it was been designated as part of IBM's Watson commercialization effort. The team will be responsible for initial client engagement outreach, feedback, and implementation of Watson technologies. Working with it's sister organization in IBM Software Group's Emerging Technologies research group, jStart will be working closely with IBM clients to explore how Watson technologies can be used to enhance existing systems, provide new business opportunities, and impact existing business models.

Initial efforts have already started

jStart has already been engaging customers and clients to identify potential uses of Watson to address complex business challenges--and is actively exploring markets in which to introduce these concepts, ideas, and technologies. Initial work has been focused around healthcare, financial services, and customer service scenarios, but the team is also exploring uses in retail, as well as law enforcement/public safety, to name just a few potential key industries.

By working directly with customers and clients, as well as the developers and technologists responsible for the commercial version of Watson, the jStart team finds itself in a familiar, and also highly rewarding, position: being able to work with customers to identify needs and opportunities, and passing those insights back to the development team. In this way, jStart is uniquely positioned to jump start IBM's Watson commercialization efforts--a primary reason why the team was selected to participate in the initiative

jStart's initial client engagement process

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Interested in how Watson can help your company?

jStart is actively seeking customers and clients who may be interested in leveraging Watson's unique capabilities to provide business value that only it can provide--either by reducing risk, increasing productivity/efficiencies, or by identifying opportunities which simply weren't feasible before the introduction of Watson. If your company has a need for a sophisticated data analytics and insight engine which is highly accessible, contact us, and let's get started.

About the jStart Team

IBM jStart is the company’s emerging technologies client engagement team. Focused on creating solutions built on the latest technologies, the team has been working with companies since 1997 to address their business challenges while providing business value, today. jStart’s latest initiative is the commercialization of IBM’s Watson system as well as the technologies which are a part of it, including DeepQA and Machine Learning.

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