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Announcing a jStart Live Webcast Event

Mashup patterns--what are they and why you should care

IBM jStart Headquarters, April 14, 2009

Having been involved in mashup technology for the past six years, the jStart team has partnered with mashup patterns thought-leader Michael Ogrinz, to examine, analyze, and understand mashup patterns emerging from the work jStart has been engaged with for various clients.

Announcing an IBM jStart Live Event

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Mike Ogrinz, author of the book Mashup Patterns and John Gerken, a member of the IBM jStart Emerging Technologies team, will discuss how mashup patterns can be applied in enterprise environments to maximize the business value of mashups.

The use of mashups to address the tactical needs of enterprise business users is growing at an exponential rate. With that growth, the emergence of patterns representing best practices for building end-user mashups has produced a wave of new innovative ways of applying mashup technologies to solve every-day business problems. These patterns represent a vehicle for improving many aspects of mashup ecosystems, including: increased functionality and flexibility, reuse, easier assembly, and a new perspective on where mashups can be applied and how to achieve their desired results.

Mike Ogrinz and John Gerken are experts in applying mashup technology to solve end-user business problems. This webinar will focus on mashup patterns observed and documented in Mike's new book, Mashup Patterns, and illustrate how those patterns can be applied in IBM Mashup Center. Special attention will be paid to how utilizing mashup patterns with IBM Mashup Center improves the efficiency of multiple aspects of the mashup ecosystem to achieve maximum business value.

webcast details
*Who Should Attend? Anyone interested in learning how mashups have been successfully leveraged in business environments, and how those patterns might be useful to your business needs.
*What Will Be Covered? Mashup thought leaders Mike Ogrinz, author of Mashup Patterns, and John Gerken, a Senior Architect for the IBM jStart Emerging Technologies team, will discuss:
  • Why mashups have become popular solutions for solving every-day business problems and have evolved into patterns.
  • How mashup patterns allow you to quickly discover and build upon mashup solutions that others with similar business goals have already demonstrated.
  • Understand how your business can implement mashup patterns to maximize the value of mashups for your business needs/challenges.
  • How mashup patterns highlighted in Mike's book can be implemented with IBM's Mashup Center
Mike and John will demonstrate real mashup solutions and the associated patterns that reinforce them to help new users understand these concepts and experienced users to gain additional insights.
*Who Can Attend? Anyone. There are no pre-registration requirements. jStart will be conducting a post-event survey, and three participants in that survey will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate.

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