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jStart announces the launch of IBM jStart China

By: Spence

With a partnership with IBM China, we are happy to announce the creation of jStart China. This first international partnership for jStart will bring client engagements for emerging technologies to China.

jStart is very pleased to announce a partnership between IBM Emerging Technology's client engagement team, jStart® and IBM's China Development Lab (CDL): jStart China--a new team focused on engaging clients in China with emerging technologies. jStart China will leverage lessons learned, processes, and techniques that the jStart team has developed to identify, champion, validate, and promote the adoption of emerging technologies to solve real world business challenges over the past fifteen years. Currently jStart is involved in IBM's next generation cloud platform technology, IBM Bluemix, as well as technologies in big data, social analytics, natural language processing (text analytics), rapid cloud application development, and mobile technologies.

jStart's first step, internationally

This brand new effort of IBM's China Development Labs will be under Emerging Technology Institute, CDL, led by Xin Sheng Mao. jStart China will be the first jStart expansion of geo coverage into a Growth Market Unit (GMU), and will enable the team to better understand the requirements and adoption of the emerging technologies in GMU markets.

The jStart China team will closely collaborate with development teams, service teams and sales team in the Greater China Group (GCG) to build up thought leadership in China market with focuses on engaging clients with the latest in emerging technologies, understanding the market opportunities and business value provided by those technologies, and validating them in the real world. For the rest of 2013, the team is primarily focused on cloud technologies (to learn more about these new technologies, you can visit the IBM Bluemix website).

This partnership, we believe, will provide great opportunities for jStart and the China Development Lab to explore new technologies, while fostering collaboration between the teams and providing IBM opportunities to explore emerging technologies in one of the world's most important economies.

For more information

For more information about this exciting new initiative (or any of the technologies and projects noted above), please feel free to contact us at, or visit us at You can also visit the new jStart China website at

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