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Welcome to jStart's NewsCentral: where you can find out the latest information from and about the jStart team.

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Engagement Analytics

Learn more about engagement analytics, and how your company might be able to use it for your advantage, along with the Social Dashboard, an implementation of engagement analytics.

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NCState/Bluemix Hackathon

jStart teams up with NC State University to hold a hackathon--leveraging Bluemix. The end result? Seven teams using Bluemix to create new applications...

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IBM Bluemix & Cloud Foundry

IBM announces a partnership with Pivotal to leverage Cloud Foundry for Bluemix. As work on Bluemix continues, IBM is excited about working with the Cloud Foundry community of 550 vendors and providers to extend and enhance its Bluemix offering.

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jStart & IBM China launches jStart China

jStart and IBM's China Development Labs announces the launch of jStart China--bringing emerging technologies to the Chinese markets and beyond. Read how the jStart team is collaborating with IBM China to launch client engagement efforts around emerging technology in the Middle Kingdom.

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