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IBM cooperative web technology enables life-changing healthcare solutions

(Armonk, NY) - IBM announced today that iTel Companies, Inc. and the global Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) clinical gene study are using technology developed in the IBM labs for real-time cooperative web solutions customized for the healthcare industry.

The technology, which comes from the IBM Blue Spruce project, allows people to simultaneous interact and update content in real-time via a web browser. To encourage innovation and development of this type of technology in industries such as healthcare and finance, IBM recently donated a portion of the project code to the Dojo Foundation’s Open Cooperative Web Framework (OpenCoweb) , . Built on web standards, the OpenCoweb Framework is broadening the scope of applicability across browser platforms and device footprints. The framework consists of JavaScript libraries that enable concurrent real-time interactions among remote users and external data sources. These libraries are intended to serve as building blocks for web application developers who design solutions that can be used by a single standalone user or simultaneously within a workgroup of remote users.

iTel Companies, Inc. is using the IBM Blue Spruce Project for it’s mental health offering, iTelepsych. iTelepsych will allow patients to virtually meet and communicate with psychologists, psychiatrists, and master therapists via video conferencing for real-time medical treatment from their own home computer or any location with an internet connection. iTelepsych also offers medical professionals the ability to expedite critical decision making by allowing them to simultaneously manipulate data and collaboratively discuss brain images and lab results. Thiese rich Telehealth consultations combines video conferencing and interactive data collaboration. They can also be customized for individual healthcare provider’s, iTelepsych will be able to provide a cohesive experience for the patient by being the portal for the scheduling and payment of secure HIPPA compliant appointments.

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“iTelepsych, helps doctors easily establish a practice with patients who are not able to leave their homes or attend typical office for appointments. Now, with technology from IBM people can access the the mental healthcare they need even if they cannot come to a doctor’s office,” said Eric Greenman, MD and chief executive officer and founder, iTel Companies.

The OpenCoweb Framework is also a key component in The COPDGene Study, a large clinical research study examining the underlying genetic factors of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Through this project, 60 physician researchers from around the globe are studying the medical records of more than 10,000 participants, patients with and without COPD, discussing and examining genetic factors of the disease in real-time, and ultimately, gaining a deeper understanding into why some smokers develop COPD and some do not. This online cooperative web method is more effective for the researchers, as prior to the availability of the Framework, researchers were conducting the study with raw data and one-off conversations.

“The progress we’ve made on the COPD gene study due to online Framework is exciting and extremely impressive. With the online collaboration capabilities we now have at our fingertips, we’re in constant communication and are uncovering key trends that will help us to better understand the disease.” .