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jStart head promoted as an executive in IBM's new Watson Solutions Group, Ed Elze named new head of jStart

By: Chris "Spence" Spencer

(Research Triangle Park, NC) - IBM's jStart team announced today that the team's head for over fourteen years, David Sink, has been promoted to an executive position within IBM's new Watson Solutions Group. Moving up into Mr. Sink's position as Program Director for jStart is Ed Elze, the former Manager of Business Development and Strategy for the jStart team.

After working to provide initial commercialization efforts for IBM Watson, Mr. Sink was tapped to continue those efforts into the newly formed Watson Solutions Group with IBM Software. In recognition of the importance that IBM places on this new initiative, Mr. Sink has been promoted to an executive position within that group. At the same time, Ed Elze has been promoted to Mr. Sink's old position of Program Director at jStart--continuing the work he's been involved with in forming strategy for the team, as well as leading the team's business development group.

Thoughts from both men

"We appreciate the hard work and vision that David provided jStart since it's inception, and will continue that vision as we move forward into 2012," Ed Elze noted while speaking about the future of jStart. "I don't foresee any radical changes--other than the ones we'll be exploring as part of jStart's mission to explore, validate, and commercialize emerging technologies and trends."

And David's work at Watson won't mean that he'll become a stranger to jStart: "Keep in mind that the new Watson Solutions Group will largely be building on the work that jStart and Emerging Technologies has already put in place," he said as he looked towards where Watson is headed. "In fact, many jStart team members will be part of the commercialization team as we move forward."


Picture of David Sink David Sink & the Watson Solutions Group
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Picture of Ed Elze Ed Elze & his new role as head of jStart
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jStart team grows

In addition to these changes, jStart has been steadily growing in the past month in order to ramp up it's Watson commercialization team. A number of new individuals have joined, details on the newest members of the team can be viewed by visiting our Team Profiles page.

For more details on how David and Ed view their new roles, take a look at their thoughts in the links, above. For more information on Mr. Sink or Mr. Elze's new transition and/or roles, please contact jStart at

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