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Big Data scenarios and case studies

By: Spence

Wonder how companies are tackling the challenge of Big Data? jStart has been talking and working with businesses, organizations, and governments across the planet to tackle the challenge of Big Data, how to collect it, how to analyze it, and how to take action on the insights provided.

Learn from Our Experiences

To the right we present a number of case studies from actual client engagements, and scenarios which were formed when working with actual customers as they explored how Big Data would impact their business. If, after reading our Big Data case studies and scenarios, you would like to get started with jStart, take a look at our Big Data web page for some starting points.

more case studies

We've been busy. The case studies and scenarios you see on this page only represent some of the work we've been engaged in around big data. Interested in learning more about the big data engagements jStart has had? Take a look at our Client Portfolio page.

sample case studies

Predicting Hollywood's Box Office - A Case Study
jStart teamed up with the Annenberg Innovation Lab to leverage social media to predict the box office for soon-to-be-released motion pictures. See how jStart did it by reading the case study.

Reducing Medicaid Costs in Healthcare - A Case Study
How could big data be used to reduce Medicaid readmissions--thus enhancing patient care while simultaneously reducing risk for healthcare providers? Read the case study.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction with Hertz™ - A Case Study
When your company relies upon customer satisfaction to differentiate it from other competitors, what opportunities might big data provide to enhance that satisfaction? Read the case study.


Smarter GovernmentNew: Making Goverment More Responsive
How can big data analytics help governments keep their fingers on the pulse of their constituents? jStart explored how to do just that. Read the scenario (372KB PDF).

Smarter Public SafetyEnhancing Law Enforcement
What opportunities does Big Data (and text analytics) provide law enforcement? See how one scenario lays out a possible use case for law enforcement. Read the scenario (145KB PDF).

Smarter EnergyGreen Energy and Big Data
How could a large international organization leverage Big Data to find renewable energy partners and advocates? jStart examines the tools to make it happen. Read the scenario (404KB PDF).

Smarter RetailMaking Retail More Responsive
Smart retailers have been using analytics to understand their customers for a while. What new opportunities does Big Data have to offer retail? Read the scenario (125KB PDF).

Smarter Analytics in SportsNew:Big Data in Sports
How can some of the largest sports media companies leverage big data technologies to enhance their broadcasts? jStart recently worked with one to do just that. Read the scenario (331KB PDF)

Smarter HealthcareAccelerating Medical Research
Using Big Data tooling, raw data from a leading teaching hospital was directly fed into research being done at a top medical research university. Read the scenario (177KB PDF)

Smarter RetailEnabling Startups with Big Data
How did two startups leverage Big Data tooling to extend and enhance their businesses--allowing them to hit the ground running? Read the scenario (374KB PDF)

Smarter WorkMatching Skills & Opportunities
How could a British university help match companies with business opportunities by leveraging big data? Learn about jStart's work to do just that. Read the scenario (132KB PDF)

Smarter FoodFeeding the World
Could Big Data be used to encourage research collaboration to create better crops? See how IBM Big Data tooling enables such efforts. Read the scenario (274KB PDF)