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IBM Mobile Identity

A cryptographic framework for issuing, managing, and challenging digital identification documents.

Migrating away from paper IDs.

Personal identification documents such as licenses, registration cards, and membership cards need to be safe, authentic, secure, and accurate to properly identify each individual. Meanwhile issuing agencies (companies, governments, organizations) need to manage the lifecycle of such identification documents in a cost effective manner while also considering governance processes and user convenience. As we migrate from a paper economy to a digital economy, how do we address the issuing, managing, and challenging digital identification documents.

Technology benefits

  • Protection against against fraud, tampering and counterfeiting.
  • Crackdown on the the rise of fake IDs in the online and international black market.
  • Elimination of human errors during validation and governance tasks.
  • Prevention of privacy threats and theft.
  • Avoidance of broadband dependencies by leveraging basic peer to peer communications between identification owners and challengers.

Business Value

Let's face it: paper identification has security risks, is costly to produce not to mention process, and, when taken at scale, has an environmental impact. Mobile identity addresses each of these issues: sophisticated encryption ensures privacy and security, digital IDs obviate the need to use physical resources, leading to efficiencies in production and processing, and by its very nature is a green alternative. Add to that the fact that mobile IDs are more convenient to the end user--and thus represents a potential alternative revenue stream. IBM Mobile Identity can augment existing online identification offerings with a mobile solution that address on-demand and situation the same time it features compliance with industry security standards, provides risk avoidance, and offers the end user a level of convenience--while offering the issuing agency potential new revenue, on-demand access, and simplified governance.

How to get started

jStart can help you understand, evaluate, and even prototype possible use of the Mobile Identity Framework for your organization. The team has vast experience working with clients to understand unique needs and challenges, and how new and novel technologies can be leveraged to address them. To get started, simply choose the most convenient method to contact the team:

Identity Management for a Smarter Planet

Smarter CitiesSmarter GovernmentAs demands grow and budgets tighten, public sector management solutions for governments and cities need to be smarter. Security and identity management solutions play a key role in the transformation of federal, regional and local governments. Now that mobile devices are ubiquitous, public sector management is working in new ways reduce expenses, improve identity assurance and provide added conveniences to citizens.

Public agencies need innovative ways to verify identities of those they serve and to assure the reliability of their records. The Mobile Identity framework from IBM delivers a high degree of standards based capabilities to generate, authenticate and validate a wide range of identification documents. Digital licenses for motor vehicle drivers, hunters and fishermen. Membership cards for State administered Medicaid and university students. IBM's Mobile Identity technology provide agencies with a peer to peer communications solution that minimizes the dependencies and financial burdens associated with a centralized identification system.

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The Solution: Mobile Identity

how jStart can help:

Briefing. This briefing includes presentations, roundtable discussions, off the shelf demonstrations and high level architectural white board sessions exploring the challenges the customer faces and how mobile identity can address these issues. Schedule a Briefing.

QuickStart Pilot. Provides an advanced mobile identity solution for rich text-level analysis, parsing, rules development, contextual analysis, semantic analysis, and disambiguation. The options is best suited for customers who are ready to start a small pilot project. Schedule a Pilot.

Integration Workshop. Need a more comprehensive solution to satisfy your business needs? We can work directly with you to provide a solution with capabilities for specific domains, applications, and customers. Schedule a Workshop

A Technology from IBM Emerging Technologies

Additional Information


  • Academic Institutions seek simplified student authentication model for activities such as submission of exams.
  • Local Municipalities are exploring mobile solutions to augment existing online purchase/renewal of licensed and permitted privileges (fishing, hunting, etc).
  • State DMVs are actively seeking protection against against driver license fraud, tampering and counterfeiting.
  • Election Boards are considering the addition of proof of voter registration in several US States.
  • Membership Organizations desire modern solutions to help reduce membership card production costs while aiding in the governance and collection of membership dues.
  • Auto Insurance Companies are investigating the use of digital registration cards for cost reduction and governance benefits.

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