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Emerging Growth Markets: Local Technologies, Global Opportunities

The interesting thing about emerging technology
is that local technologies often have global scope: web technologies developed in a specific market may find relevancy in other markets, opportunities may arise elsewhere in which the technology is leveraged in a different way.

For this reason, jStart has always concentrated on not just looking at innovation hotspots within the United States and Western Europe, but beyond, to new markets where innovation may be occuring, but in which emerging technology champions may not have observational awareness.

Where in the World is jStart?

Since jStart is globally focused, we have team members spread across the globe: from traditional bastions in North America and Western Europe, the team also has permanent presences in Southeastern Asia/Oceania and Eastern Europe.

In addition, it's team members frequently travel across the globe in search of new technologies--and opportunities to leverage those technologies to solve real challenges our clients face today.

Maintaining Its Global Perspective

Currently, jStart leverages its network of global customers and clients. Given that many jStart clients are large multinational corporations, the team has unique opportunities to explore and engage in offices across the globe. In addition, these clients typically have partners located strategically for the client, which in many cases are not local to a particular site.

"...jStart practices what it preaches: it leverages emerging technologies to keep an eye on the pulse of innovation across the globe."

Our Market Focus
Spanish Speaking Americas
jStart leverages its expertise in this emerging market to discover opportunities in this market, as well as some of the challenges unique to this market.
The Middle East
jStart examines what comes after oil for this market--as well as some opportunities which exist in The Middle East, today.
Eastern Europe
The proximity to Western European infrastructure as well as a highly trained workforce gives Eastern Europe some advantages with regards to emerging markets.

In addition, jStart practices what it preaches: it also leverages emerging technologies to keep an eye on the pulse of innovation across the globe. Two current jStart projects represent this mindset: our MITA (Market Insight and Trend Analysis) tool, and the IBM Event Center, two prototype technologies currently being developed by the jStart team. MITA allows the team to keep an eye on global trends by "listening in" to market activities to identify and target specific markets, while IBM Event Center allows the team to monitor global IBM group activities to better understand what assets and initiatives the company's various divisions may be leveraging in a particular market.

Innovative thinking like this has allowed the jStart team to keep on top of the latest developments in emerging technology--and have helped it maintain a global perspective.

Key Insights

  • Emerging technologies can be local in relevancy, but global in scope.

  • jStart Market Perspective is Worldwide

  • jStart utilizes a network of clients as well as advanced emerging technology tools to keep its finger on the pulse of innovation

For More Information

Want to know more about jStart's thoughts on these markets? Contact the jStart team.