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IBM Emerging Technologies utilizes IoT in exploring and creating proof of concept prototypes.

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IoT & the Immersive Data Experience

Today we are surrounded by Internet of Things devices--so many that there are an estimated 1.9 devices for every person on the planet--and that number is expected to explode to 5 per person by 2020, for a total of 38.5 billion IoT devices. In fact, we don't realize it, but we're rapidly becoming immersed in a digital environment that will, increasingly, impact our daily lives.

With its work in exploring how technology will be relevant to our lives--from our work, to our personal, to our business lives--IBM Emerging Technologies has been looking at the implications of what we're seeing arise in the research labs and startup garages that are being worked on today. How will those advances affect us? What will our lives be like as those technologies proliferate?

How IBM Emerging Technologies is leveraging IoT

  • Realtime Digital Business

    Realtime analytics is disrupting businesses by providing opportunities to leverage non-traditional data sources tied to business processes to gain valuable insights. Often, IoT technologies provide a critical feed for realtime data streams.

  • Conversational Computing

    Interacting with your IoT devices using every day speech: you often see it in science fiction movies. No longer--ET is exploring not just how to interact with things like your house or car, but how to interact with complex analytics systems. It's a peek into how we all may be working in the future.

  • Drone Technology

    How connecting numerous IoT technologies has been leveraged to create a "connected drone"--in this case connecting an Apple Watch app to allow users to remotely control a drone via the cloud..

IoT, Smarter Homes, Automated Cars, and More...

We're just starting to see the evidence of IoT proliferation today: 1.9B of the 13.5B IoT devices in the field today are connected to Smart Homes. Automating cars are now being worked on by companies as diverse as Tesla Motors, BMW, and even Apple. 57 million fitness trackers have been sold so far, while some 22M smart watches, many of which have fitness tracking capabilities, estimates suggest will be sold by the end of 2015. The bottom line: IoT devices are eveywhere. From medical devices, to transportation, to jewelry and intelligent homes. It's not a question of when IoT will become pervasive, but when we'll collectively notice that they're here. And that realization is just around the corner.

One conclusion we've arrived at: IoT devices are already impacting our lives, but in the very near future, they'll start affecting our behavior in very noticable ways. Whether it's how we work (by interacting with intelligent systems to do analysis or controlling remote devices), or how we play (devices which contextually "know" when to start recording video, or picking the best picture from a series of photos or videos to upload to your social account), or how we live (medical devices which talk to each other to provide a level of insight for medical practitioners previously impossible), IoT devices are starting to step from the background of our lives into a more prominent role. And that's simply because we've reached a tipping point of how devices are being integrated into, well, almost everything. This means there are considerable and significant opportunities companies are realizing IoT devices (and, perhaps more importantly, their data) are providing us, which can be leveraged today.

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