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IOD 2011 Debrief

Clients talk about their engagements with jStart

By: Chris "Spence" Spencer

jStart didn't head to Vegas by itself: a number of jStart clients went with us to discuss their use of IBM technologies and how jStart helped them to begin using these technologies to address business opportunities and address challenges they faced. What was interesting was the broad diversity of clients we were able to bring to the conference...from UNC Healthcare, a very large provider of healthcare services, to Veteris, a small start-up focused on data discovery and optimization, to Mindshare, a company that's helped Fortune 100 companies understand the voice of their customers...all of our clients were able to show innovative uses of Big Data technologies...and talk about how Watson might fit into that picture.

Improving the Quality of Hospital Discharges

How could analyzing big data give hospitals a tool to help reduce readmittance rates, smooth patient discharges, and manage the risk of potential Medicare penalties (which are scheduled to begin in 2013)? UNC Healthcare, working with jStart, has been developing a system leveraging IBM's Content Analytics system to utilize natural language processing to help them identify potential patients who are likely to be readmittances, and to take proactive measures to prevent those readmittance occurances. The results? The potential to avoid literally millions of dollars worth of penalities, while having a precision greater of or greater than 90% for diagnoses and follow-ups. Learn what UNC Healthcare learned from this project, and how your healthcare organization might be able to apply these lessons learned.

Helping to Drive Down Cost in Pharamceutical R&D

Veteris, a small company focused on data discovery and optimization, worked with jStart to build a solution that helped to surface and reveal relationships between researchers, companies, and technologies that use, buy, and sell Life Science research products--in an automated system that parses literally thousands of researcher profiles, hundreds of company profiles, millions of publications, and thousands of technology specifications--all of it in an unstructured form. Using IBM's advanced natural language processing (NLP) technologies, Veteris was able to quickly create a solution to meet this market need.

Acting on the Voice of the Customer

For Mindshare, it's not just sufficient to hear the voice of the customer--it's critical to give it's clients and customers the ability to act--even proactively--on what customers are telling them. How could Mindshare provide this capability? By leveraging IBM Content Analytics to get "ahead of the curve", providing very quick analysis of customer feedback...and giving it's clients an easily accessible means to access that data, Mindshare accelerates the ability of it's clients--including some Fortune 100 clients--to understand what their clients are telling them, allowing them an opportunity to act in a way to enhance their relationships...even when that feedback may not be positive.

In addition, Mindshare has been applying technologies from IBM to understand everything from sentiment and context (using IBM LanguageWare), to help build interactive dashboards for it's client's executives. How might Watson enhance these efforts? That's something that Mindshare is already thinking about as they continue to explore ways to provide enhanced, industry leading solutions for their customers.


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