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A Shared, Results-Oriented Industry Perspective

jStart is constantly seeking to unlock the value of emerging web technologies in real business scenarios through shared learning with clients. In turn, we offer competitive advantages to clients leveraging emerging web technologies to optimize operations and to explore new market opportunities. Our technologists possess deep knowledge of industries such as Telecommunications, Financial Services, Retail, Healthcare & Life Sciences, and Government/Public Sector. jStart's combined industry perspective and experience can be leveraged to manage risk while producing valuable solutions. While many of jStart's primary offerings have been designed to serve specific industries, our solutions are adaptable to any industry.

"jStart's combined industry perspective and experience can be leveraged to manage risk while producing valuable solutions."

Surviving When Economic Challenges Transform Industry

Most enterprises that currently dominate industries have done so by innovating their way out of challenging economic conditions. In such times, the willingness to move forward instead of pulling back defines the winners. In over a decade of working at the edge of web-driven industry transformations, jStart has figured out how to equip our clients for the changes ahead. History has proven that during times of uncertainty, new needs arise in industry that can be met to ensure survival. Our thought leadership facilitates the discovery of new opportunities to meet these needs amid the current economic turbulence. But identifying these opportunities is just the beginning, as jStart creates innovative solutions that allows our clients to translate this knowledge into action.

Industry Focus
*Healthcare & Life Sciences
Facing financial challenges? See how jStart can help your healthcare company tackle those issues--and give you a competitive edge.
*Financial Services
The challenges are obvious--but how about the opportunities? jStart has been helping financial services companies weather the economic tulmult, and at the same time extend their capabilities.
* Public Safety & Intelligence
Understand how the latest in big data analytics and text analytics technologies are being employed to enhance public safety and intelligence efforts. jStart has been working with organizations worldwide to create smarter safety solutions.
How can telecommunications company leverage emerging techs to address the challenge of commoditization of their services? jStart has the answers.

jStart and Industry: When You Need A Partner, Not Just a Provider

A jStart engagement can be characterized by an end-result that provides benefits for each partner. This is one of the key reasons why jStart's client engagements are so successful. As a valued partner, our priority is to keep our client's risks minimized through a proven "open innovation" approach to value creation. Instead of simply providing solutions to extend our client's capabilities, we work through incremental phases to ensure that these capabilities increase efficiencies or provide new opportunities. The jStart client engagement process evolves so that each phase provides value through new opportunity identification, technology incubation, concept validation, and large-scale industry adoption.

Key Insights

  • jStart's work spans industry verticals

  • Companies can leverage emerging tech to give them competitive advantages especially in challenging economic times

  • Emerging technologies can give companies increased efficiencies, new opportunities, or new capabilities

  • Engaging over a 100 different clients each year gives jStart a unique industry perspective.

For More Information

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