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Real-time Rider Data Insights

USA Cycling Women’s Team Pursuit is leveraging cloud, mobile and analytics to derive instantaneous insights for game-changing pacing and switching decisions.

Predictive Analytics for the Consumption and Conservation of Resources

Digital Water™ is driving to become the leading data acquisition platform for water-related entities of all kinds by collecting and analyzing vast amounts of asset-level operating data to make informed decisions.

Digital Water

What the analytics community is gaining by listening to the stars

How to make sense of 10's of millions of radio events linked to 100's of millions of records? By eliminating our own radio frequency interference, we can focus on pivotal data. Learn how IBM jStart is sparking innovation in advanced analytics while aiding in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

ATA Image
Bernhardt App

Rapid fashion-forward transformation

The digitization of a traditional brick and mortar enterprise was architected and deployed utilizing IBM Bluemix (PaaS) and the Cloudant solution. A tablet-oriented sales ordering process, complete with virtual showrooms fully touch-enabled, catapulted Bernhardt Furnishings into being not only “fashion-forward, but also technology-leading”.

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Apache SparkSpark
Learn about Apache Spark and Emerging Technologies.
Dynamic DashboardsDynamic Dashboards
Learn about dynamic dashboards.

Start Small, Grow Fast

Learn how the jStart team can help your business get started using our "start small, grow fast" engagement process. Today's business challenges aren't just about huge amounts of's about understanding the valuable insights and opportunities living within that data, and then executing in intelligent ways leveraging those insights. It's about, in essence, a smarter planet.

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