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graduated technologies

technologies that jStart is no longer actively working on

Technologies, concepts, and ideas that have become IBM products, been contributed to open source, or have graduated from the jStart portfolio.

By: Chris "Spence" Spencer

At jStart, we believe in emerging technologies--and we believe in making investments into emerging technologies we think have significant potential. Some times we're right--and those technologies go on to become IBM products. Other times, we're partially right, and the technologies go on to live outside of IBM as open source projects, or as technologies we license to other third parties. And some times, we're not so right, and graduate the technology out of our labs, waiting for the day when their value is recognized, or perhaps are technologies which have been overtaken by the rapid pace of advancement endemic in the emerging technologies field.

"In the end, of all of the technologies that jStart has explored in the past five years, over 70% have gone on to graduate into successes."

How jStart places its bets

jStart has a detailed process by which technologies are initially discovered, identified, classified, and executed on. But there are features that jStart typically looks for in technologies which can influence whether we invest in them. Some of those factors are:

  1. What is the potential of the technology?
  2. What is the time horizon for eventual market traction for the technology?
  3. What markets might benefit from the technology?
  4. How might the technology address challenges we're seeing in the market today?
  5. Where is the technology in its lifecycle? What's its expected shelf life?
  6. What would be required to invest into the technology?

While not all of our technologies meet every one of those factors, they must meet a minimum threshhold to be considered.

Technologies that have made a difference.

The track record of jStart technologies speaks for itself: many were the first instance of technologies to address market needs that IBM Emerging Technologies uncovered. In most cases, those technologies contributed back to the IBM portfolio, or were released to the open source community. In the end, of all of the technologies that jStart has explored in the past five years, over 70% have gone on to graduate into successes.

some graduated techs

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