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Flash Update: November, 2011

jStart reveals IBM Watson's inner workings; talks about initial client conversations

By: Chris "Spence" Spencer

Last week, the IBM jStart team was in Las Vegas, discussing IBM Watson and teaming up with some of our clients to discuss how they've leveraged big data to meet their business challenges, and in some cases, how they see Watson benefitting their businesses. This Flash Update will provide you links to more information about those conversations, however there is another piece of news that the jStart team would like to pass along--a changing of the guard at jStart as the head of the team since 1997 is moving on, and a new jStart program director has been appointed. All of that and more in this update edition of jStart's Flash...

What is IBM Watson?

Two members of the jStart team presented during a session of IBM's Information On Demand Conference, information on exactly what IBM Watson is--and perhaps just as importantly, what Watson is not. Starting out with a high level look back at how Watson came about, the team then did a deep dive into Watson's architecture and internals, and finished with looking at the business implications of Watson, use cases and scenarios the team was exploring with our clients and customers, and how Watson could be "put to work".


IBM Watson Revealed

The jStart team takes a deep dive look at IBM Watson, from its history to it's technical details, and ending with business scenarios currently being explored.

jStart Clients Talk Big Data and Watson

We were able to share the stage at IOD with some of our clients to discuss how they've implemented big data technology--lessons learned, what worked, what didn't, as well as in some cases how Watson might be applicable to addressing their business challenges moving forward. Ranging from healthcare organizations to data discovery and optimization and customer experience companies, our clients were able to demonstrate how processing large amounts of data in an intelligent, rapid, and insightful way directly affected their businesses.


Big Data and UNC Healthcare

How did UNC Healthcare leverage big data to aid with reducing Medicaid readmittances? And how might this technology be useful to other organizations?

Accelerating Medical Research

How might big data technology provide pharamaceutical companies the ability to rapidly discover research which might be applicable to their drug research efforts?

Engaging the Voice of the Customer

What can big data do to help large corporations accelerate and automate the process of obtaining customer feedback...allowing them to act on that information in ways never before possible?

David Sink, Head of jStart, Moves On

David Sink's picture Since it's inception in 1997, one man has lead the IBM jStart team: David Sink. jStart is very pleased to announce that David has been selected to assume a leadership role in IBM's new Watson Solutions Group, by helping commercialize IBM Watson, widely considered one of the most significant technologies to come from IBM in decades. Promoted into an executive role, David will be leading IBM's Watson client engagement services group.

Celebrating this move, we had a conversation with David as he left for his new assignment, and discussed his new role, as well as his recolllections of his jStart days.

A Conversation with David Sink.

jStart takes a moment to chat with David as he moves to his new position in IBM's newly formed Watson Solutions Group. Read about David's thoughts on jStart, as well as where he sees Watson, moving forward.


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