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jStart Flash

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Vol 2., No. 2 | July, 2011

Big Data goes mainstream

By: Chris "Spence" Spencer

Part of the mission of jStart is to identify, champion, and promote the adoption of new and emerging technologies--and the team has, over the years, created a process to facilitate the adoption and diffusion of emerging technologies. Since the end of 2009, jStart has been championing Big Data--and has charted it's progress from introducing the technology to the enterprise, to initial prototypes and deployments, and, now, to the creation of software offerings to service the opportunities Big Data offers business, including IBM's Content Analytics software (as well as numerous other IBM offerings, ranging from hardware, to software, to services).

Big Data: innovative uses

While Big Data technologies continue to mature, innovative applications of Big Data tooling continue: jStart has been involved with many of these efforts, including two uses of Big Data technologies by companies many may not associate with IBM, or even with Big Data--and which illustrate the broad applicability of Big Data technologies to fields that may not seem obvious at first glance...evidence of this is a big data application being featured on an edition of ABC News' Nightline.

Smarter Retail

Building a Smarter Web

Ever think a start-up could use big data technology to enable its business model? Ever think of a start-up using IBM big data tooling to do just that? Read how jStart worked with a start-up based in the UK and South Africa to build a smarter web.

Smarter Social Business

Using big data to predict the box office

Hollywood leveraging big data? For an industry that has a reputation for innovation, Hollywood has been slow to embrace IT enterprise technologies. Until now. Read how jStart worked to help create a system to predict box office performance prior to a film's release.

Current sophisticated big data engagements

jStart's big data engagements are now highly focused on sophisticated big data analytics--including the use of natural language processing (NLP) and complex data correlations involving social media. As we complete work on these engagements, expect us to share with you what we've learned, and the stories of our clients. Big Data case studies and scenarios page.

Peering over the horizon: Watson

IBM's Watson intiative Recently, jStart announced that it was leading commercialization efforts for IBM's Watson technology. The team is busily working with IBM Emerging Technology's Research team in Austin, who is responsible for commercializing the codebase for Watson--and with our customers and clients to understand their perspectives on how the market could best leverage Watson. The next issue of jStart's Flash will dive much more deeply into details of these efforts, but for now, some initial impressions:

  • Watson's applicability, by industry, is broad: It seems no matter what industry we look into, there are obvious applications for Watson.
  • Although Watson's name recognition is high, understanding of what Watson actually is may not be clear. The team has discovered that a significant amount of education may be necessary to help our clients understand what Watson is--and what it isn't.
  • Watson may represent a completely new form of computer capability. Watson is not at the level of an artificial intelligent system, yet it's beyond an expert system. It's somewhere in between.

Those points might give you some insight in where the jStart team is headed as it explores how to commercialize the most significant investment into a research technology that any IT company has made in recent history. Stay tuned for more details...


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